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Abuse & Trauma Therapist


If you want to FINALLY heal from the trauma of abuse; the emotional and mental health issues it has caused you, how it has left you feeling about yourself, and the many aspects of your life that are affected, then you are in the right place…

If you'd like to know more, about how I can Help you please book a FREE 30min session with me by clicking the button below.

If you’ve been abused then you are almost certainly dealing with with one or many debilitating emotional and even physical issues – Hypnotherapy is the answer…

As your specialist trauma and abuse therapist I am a safe space, the haven that you need to find the  emotional freedom  to finally breath, relax and focus on healing.

To finally be seen, heard and understood and get the healing and support that you need to be able to move forward in your life. For it to be rich and fulfilling again instead of filled with uncertainty, dread, anxiety, confusion and fear.




Welcome to The Rose - A Membership Site especially for you!

Here you will find all you need to know about my retreats.

Come home to yourself with ayahuasca! Reconnect to your spirit, your soul and discover the true essence of who you really are as you are guided to remove blocks and barriers and discover the freedom from the past that you deserve and desire.


My Podcast - Becoming the Light from the Shadows of Abuse.

Be inspired find courage, strength and inspiration!

I know that far too many of you are “stuck” and are literally in despair, because you have been in long term therapy, seeing little or no result. Or, even worse, you have been told;

  • you will always be this way
  • you cannot overcome this
  • you must always take this medication
  • you must learn to live with this!

Hear incredible stories from women were given the same advice, but set all of that aside and have overcome the extreme trauma in their lives, to live the life they deserve!

Click here to listen to their stories. 

Please share with anyone who needs to hear these messages of hope and inspiration.

5 Beliefs you need to change...

Based in Western Australia, I work with clients worldwide, and they achieve outstanding results with my unique methodology, a step by step process based on deep relaxation, mindfulness, pattern disruption, and hypnosis. 

Along with the 5 beliefs, that I have discovered you must shift to finally heal.

These shifts are based on my own experience and my many, many clients who have applied these principles to successfully heal and move on to live rich and fulfilling lives.

Take a look at my latest masterclass to find out more about those 5 beliefs.

“Every emotional issue has a solution”

Are you ready to try a new kind of therapy?

One proven to work and to work fast?

“There is no healing without mindfulness, and when it comes too deep seated emotional damage, related to betrayal and rejection the SUB-CONSCIOUS plays a vital role.”

Having trained with one of the top therapists in the world I have developed a signature programme, CPTSD FREE in 12 WEEKS, a total healing experience where we work at a deep level on whatever you need to heal.

You, your situation, experiences and needs are totally unique, so before I agree to work with anyone, I spend getting to know and understand them in a FREE session which you can book here.

There are 5 major beliefs that you need to shift for this methodology to be successful, and I share those with you here in this masterclass.

Location is no barrier as my clients are worldwide. My sessions are virtual allowing me to bring healing to those who need it most wherever they are based.

My experience and my clients have taught me that  whilst everyone is different, there are 8 major topics and issues that almost everyone trying to overcome past abuse must deal with.

Basically, the healing they need falls into the 8 major pillars below. At the end of the day though, I do what the client needs, there are no set rules as all experiences and requirements are unique

  1. Take back full control in every aspect of your life, when you stop people pleasing.
  2. Feel safe in all situations, because you can trust yourself and others.
  3. Have loving and healthy relationships, by first learning to love yourself. 
  4. Let go of all guilt and shame, it was not your fault.
  5. Establish great boundaries and values that serve you, because you are worth it.
  6. Overcome anxiety and depression.
  7. Develop unshakeable self-confidence and high self-esteem.
  8. Visualise and create your ideal life (my clients love this!).

Find out about my unique approach and methodology here.

All your hypnotherapy questions answered here.

FREE Resources

A chapter from my book,  a free relaxation audio, and a 30min FREE consult with me, Sarah Griffiths.

(please note that in downloading this audio you accept that it includes a hypnotic introduction and is designed to induce a light hypnosis. It can be listened to as frequently as you desire and can be used to aid sleep. It should not be used whilst driving or just prior to driving or in any other situation where full consciousness and competency is required. This audio is in no way considered to induce any  harmful or detrimental effects and and any associates have provided this free resource on the understanding that it is a positive tool to aid relaxation. You will in no way hold them responsible for any adverse affects or reactions to this audio and in downloading it you confirm that you have read and agree to abide by this disclaimer)

Kelly Walker

“I have been working on weight and food issues for decades. After being stuck at the halfway point to my goal for a frustratingly long time, I met Sarah. In only one session with her, a very deep issue with my body came up that I had never recognized before and Sarah guided me through it with love and insight. Not only has my weight started progressing towards my goal again, my turbulent relationship with one of my parents has completely healed. Hatred and betrayal so deep I couldn’t even see it before is now gone and my old compulsion to eat until I am in physical pain has vanished. All in one session. I am incredibly grateful for Sarah and to be back on the path to reaching my healthiest weight.”

More Testimonials

I have so much peace and happiness. So much love and joy. I know this is just the beginning, but thank you.”

“I had a session with the lovely Sarah Griffiths yesterday. She is amazing. In a very short time she was able to get the real issue of my problem and eliminate it. I had instant results and feel amazing. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for “the real deal”. Thank you so very much Sarah.”

Well, I am ecstatic about this message from a client after just 1, 90 minute session…

(actually I think it was nearly 2 hours because we hammered out some stuff!) of RTT for trauma. I think that RTT is is so amazing that people need to see and hear about results like this to believe it is possible.

This is why I love what I do and do what I love!
Rapidly healing someone is awesome!

She had 1 session and now wants to do the 12 week course, it is like having a taster and wanting more!

HER: Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for the recording and the amazing session! I feel so positive after our session. I have to be honest I was a bit sceptical weather I will be able to go deep enough because of how analitycal I can get but it really was an experience like no other – this personal session with you was much more powerful then the generic recordings I used before!
I saw your offer to work with you for 12 weeks and I am really qurious to explore more. Could you tell me a bit more about how it works. That session was amazing with so many AHA moments, it already helped me immensely.

I have slept quite a lot last few days so integration and rewiring is definately taking place.
I had a situation that would have triggered me in the past and and this time it wast just a little “wobble” instead of throwing me out of my routine completely. And with an awarnes of all that we discovered its so much easier to deal with what used to be an issue, from a new upgraded perspective ❤😁😁😁

That is so fantastic!
Keep using the recording but, as you know, every time you wobble and reframe, you reinforce that new thinking and with such a strong foundation it does not take long.

HER:Yes! Its so powerful and truly extraordinary but until experienced first hand in a personal session its just something that deeply resonates and now its reality for me
I am so grateful for both showing me the power of RTT and for so skillfully facilitating my healing! I had so many aha moments and shifts in the session and your absolutely spot on questions guided me to explore the scene, my feelings and upgraded reality deeper and deeper and I feel so much stronger and empowered now!
I would definately recommend and would like to work with you more. On a few things. There was a few pings I got as a result for things I would love to address in this same way so 12 week programme sounds perfect for that.

If you'd like to know more, about how I can Help you please book a FREE 30min session with me by clicking the button below.

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