Stay at the Luxurious Ritz-Carlton, Perth for my first 5 day retreat!

10 x your investment and massively grow your ideal audience!

My March retreat is coming together! Perth, WA, March 2020 exact dates TBC.

Leave with a business plan, the What, Why, When and How!

Everything you need to scale your business to whatever size you desire! You decide your value and worth, no one else.

This retreat is designed to be totally transformational for your business  but, will actually impact all areas of your life.…/australia/perth/hotel-overview

I recently had the absolute joy of staying at the new Jewel of Perth, The Ritz Carlton, just opened a couple of weeks ago and honestly, it did not disappoint on any level.
While I was there I decided to make it the destination of the retreat I was planning for March!

A chance for women, female entrepreneurs to get together, network grow and scale in a luxury setting that they are worthy of.

I am totally confident that because of my unique skills, methodology and experience NO ONE will be able to offer a retreat with this much scope and giving you so much value. Just read on to find out more! I am proud of what I am able to bring and have put together for you.


My Objective for you:

10 x your income and massively grow your ideal audience.

If you could invest $5K (all inclusive) and get $50K back, why would you not do that?

To uncover and remove all of the blocks and beliefs that have you stuck from achieving your true potential.

This is a luxury retreat and mastermind because you are worth it!
This is about elevating how you see yourself and your business
What you deserve and what you are capable of.

A big focus will be money blocks ( oh those sneaky money stories!) so, no point starting off with a cheap retreat! Cutting corners and working out how to do it for less and then challenging those money stories! We need to start off with the right attitude at least.

So, what is on offer?

A fully inclusive (accommodation, food & drinks, everything!)  4 day, 5 night package all in the setting of the executive areas of the newly opened Ritz Carlton in Perth.
Beautiful, spacious rooms, Incredible views from every angle, 5 star service and unbeatable 5 star coaching.

Everything you need to make 2020 your best year ever!

The missing piece of your puzzle is you!

Throughout there will be professional video and photographs  taken available to you afterwards at no extra cost.

Everything will be geared  to elevate your brand and position you as an expert.


The Agenda:

Arrival: 6pm Meet and greet: drinks, nibbles, orientation.
Meet your fellow attendees, enjoy the luxury of the executive lounge and the sweeping views of the beautiful Swan River, Kings Park and the city.
(Don’t drink too much, tomorrow is a big day)

Day 1: Mindset:  A total immersion in RTT (Rapid Transformation Therapy) to uncover and remove any blocks and beliefs, behaviours and patterns that have you stuck!

Immediately replace them with the positive beliefs you need to scale and. Grow to the next level .
Rules of the mind and how to collaborate with your mind and make it work for you and not against you.

Totally align your conscious desires and your subconscious beliefs, without that, you cannot achieve any more than you already have.

Intensive work on your money mindset, beliefs and stories. What you believe you are worth has you stuck! You will not believe what we will uncover and how much freedom that uncovering will bring you to charge what you are worth!

You will not know yourself by the end of day 1 and we have just started.

Day2:  Start the day with powerful RTT to fill you with unshakeable self belief and self confidence so that nothing can undermine you or what you want for your life.
Next we create a promotional video for you to use in your business to elevate your brand and position you as an expert.  You will present to the group for 3-5 minutes and we will film it for you. If necessary it will be edited and turned into an amazing promotional video for you ( this alone could cost you $000s) along with professional photos too.

Sales without the sleeze: Never have to sell to anyone! Have your clients know, like and trust you and WANT to work with you before they even speak to you. I hope I am someone that you want to work with, is a message I received recently from a perspective client.

Day 3: More RTT to set you on fire! Ignite your passion and make you unstoppable.

Organic marketing training to help you sky rocket your business with no ad spend. 
promote your product or service and grow your ideal audience and your email list.

Imagine what this alone could be worth to you as you learn strategies that I have paid $000s to learn!
There is literally no way, if you implement what I teach you that you will not grow and scale your business.

These are the exact steps and strategies that I am using right now to scale my online business to 7 figures in 2020.

If you want me to, I can take you there too!

Together we will create your marketing blueprint!

Day 4: RTT for whatever we decide as a group, we need! ( I will  also teach you self hypnosis to use anytime you need it)

Create a 90 day action plan and marketing plan,
A business plan to show you EXACTLY what you need to do, when, why and how to create the business of your dreams whether that is 5, 6 or 7 figures.
It is your business you choose what you want it to be and I will help you make it happen!

Your chance to get help with all of your tech!
My tech guru will be on hand to talk you through all the tech and help you implement whatever you need.

Set up you email nurture sequence.
Link your calendar to zoom
set up your funnel
set up a value sequence so your clients know, like and trust you before you even speak, making you and  your offer irresistible.
make changes to your website
Set up your you tube. Channel

Anything else?

Whatever you need help with, help will be on hand.

Imagine what would all of this mean to your business?


We have not finished yet!

No need to rush away, your last night is also included so we can hang out and savour what we have achieved, leaving you free to explore Perth the next day or, why not stay longer and come down to Margaret River, 260 KM south of Perth and let the abundance continue to flow as you visit beautiful vineyards, beaches, forests and galleries, not to mention my beautiful restaurant and lounge bar!
(The trip to Margaret River is not included but, I can help you arrange it  

What you are getting, the value, learning and mindset shifts are literally ridiculous!

This retreat will totally set you onto a new and expansive trajectory for all areas of your life. Your business will be just one of the areas to benefit.

What I am offering here is totally awesome and I am genuinely really excited for those of you who take up this option as I know the results and shifts my clients get just from one session with me.

Here you have a full 4 days plus access to me outside of our official training hours as we drink, eat and network.
Over 4 full days with everything that we will cover???? well. the impact will be immeasurable, priceless.

The Investment? What would you think?

4 days, 5 nights fully inclusive, luxury accommodation, food, drink, snacks etc

Well the organic marketing training alone cost me around $20K to learn from my own mentors and coaches and I am sharing that with you.

How much does it cost for a professional video and photographs of you speaking to, and training a group? $3K maybe?

The mindset shifts are literally priceless.
Removing your money stories and everything that has you stuck?

A fully customised marketing plan

Plus all of the tech help and sale training

I don’t even know how to put a value on all of this but, based on what I know it will cost me I have decided to offer it, as it is the first time I have run it like this for the low low price of $5K AU totally inclusive.

(based on shared accommodation, in a luxury room on a high level)

Literally nothing else to spend unless you choose to.

Spaces are limited to 22 and I imagine you will have questions!

So, book into my calendar so I can give you the full run down!

A surprise early bird bonus for those who take fast action (worth $1497 AU)

or, you can personally email me.

I can’t wait 😁

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