A simple explanation of your CPTSD

I just sent this to a client to try and explain, in just a few sentences why they have constant anxiety and fear.
I thought it might help some of you too so, I turned it into a blog.

With regard to CPTSD

Your constant fear and anxiety are because your sense of self has been eroded and you do not trust yourself. You don’t think you are enough for anyone or anything and you may be getting the symptoms now but, it was developed in childhood.

When you were young you were constantly searching your environment and the people in it to tell you who you are, what you should do and to establish your value and your place in the world.

If most of what got fed into you was positive, with some negatives you would have enough sense of self and a positive enough foundation to overcome those negative things, especially if, on the whole you have a good support network and loving healthy relationships.

When a child, any child, is in an abusive situation, any abuse, they use what it tells them about themselves this to form the blueprint of who they are. They are literally flooded daily with information about what they mean to people and developing  coping skills accordingly.

Children are very vulnerable, they are pretty much powerless, they cannot fight, leave, answer back etc etc and for one in an abusive situation where they are literally flooded with negative experiences, words and images, plus their body is violated their blueprint, in the subconscious becomes one of fear and of not being able to cope, escape or of not having choice.

This gives rise to extreme anxiety, fear, no self confidence or self belief exactly as some of you are experiencing now and now maybe, you can understand why.

Added to this is a whole variety of thoughts, feelings and misconceptions leading to:

I am not enough
I am unworthy
I do not deserve happiness or money
I must somehow be bad, wrong or faulty
I should not be seen or heard
I need to be punished
I am guilty and should be ashamed.

All of these arise from the irrational blueprint created by childhood abuse

You are literally an adult in body but a hurting, scared and vulnerable child in your emotional and nervous responses. Your system is running the blue print of when you were a child. Your fear responses are in overdrive, your higher thought processes are dampened and you cannot reason your way out of it.

Partly because you don’t understand it, you don’t know what to do to calm the nervous system and to make matters worse, all of this is a subconscious reaction, a reaction of emotion and your conscious mind is logic and logic cannot easily override the deeply ingrained blueprint and neural pathways of the subconscious. You cannot defeat emotion with logic. Sometimes in an argument, yes but when we are dealing with years of imprinting, NO!.

I could write pages and pages about this but, I hope that the main points I have focused on here really help you to understand why you feel as you do.

How do we deal with it?

How can you heal? Move on to create the rich and fulfilling life that you truly deserve?

We have to rewrite those neural messages. It is where the term heal the inner child comes from. We literally need to re message and rewrite your thought processes, flood you with positivity to undo the negative blueprint that is currently running your entire system.


This is why I have a signature method that uses hypnosis. The best way to uncreate what the subconscious created by what it was told and what it observed is to deal directly with the subconscious and tell it a different story! Flood it with positive messages about who you are and re write the pattern that it is following.

This is thought interruption, repatterning and upgrading techniques, direct to the subconscious where they will be most effective.

This is why my programme achieves so much in 12-18 weeks, instead of years!

I hope this makes sense to you and starts to help you understand why you feel as you do.

Anyone who wants to now more about understanding CPTSD or, how to heal from it, book in for a call with me using my calendar below.

My clients get incredible results, big shifts and realisations in every session.

Why? Because we are dealing with the right part of the mind!

My work is totally transformational and changes the lives of those who work with me on all levels and in every area.

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