About RTT®

If you watched my Masterclass you will understand the significant role of the sub-conscious mind in running your day to day life. The beliefs, thoughts, feelings and perceptions that you accumulated as a child are all stored there, and affect how you view the world and everyone in it. If you suffered abuse as a child, emotional, physical or sexual, then your emotional development was impaired and your sense of self, your value and worth was totally diminished. This is what is responsible for the emotional and mental health issues that you suffer from today, and is a simple overview of a complex issue.

What sets RTT apart from other therapies?

There are many misconceptions about Hypnotherapy which is basically therapy on steroids! Fast effective and really just an incredible therapy tool especially when dealing with trauma and deep seated emotional and mental health issues.

It too often gets confused with stage hypnosis and the two are very, very different.

The most common questions I have answered here, but, if you have others then please book into my calendar to talk to me or email me at enquires@sallyg.com

What sets Me apart as an RTT therapist?

As an Abuse and Trauma Expert my focus is your Emotional Transformation.

I will work with you in a unique way to help you totally heal from the damaging affects of your past.

Questions to consider

Now just imagine starting RTT with me and getting a break through in the first session!

That would mean that as soon as you start you get a shift, a significant shift in how you see yourself and then we build on everything else from there.
Book into my calendar here to discuss your own specific needs and find the right service for you or simply choose here and get started ASAP!

Why Does my method work...how does it do it so quickly?

Your trauma is real but, that does not mean that it cannot be overcome and the best way to do this is in the subconscious mind!

Why… because your subconscious is all about emotion and what you are facing is your emotional reaction to whatever happened and how you now FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF, because of it…

Hypnosis is proven neuroscience and is a powerful tool for thought disruption.

Your thoughts create your actions so, if I change and disrupt your current thought pattern I change and disrupt your behaviour pattern too!

I can totally upgrade how you see yourself, so that you feel stronger, more confident and realise that you are no longer the person you were.

In Neuroplasticity terms I immediately create a new superhighway telling your brain how to think and behave in a totally new way that actually serves you.

If that sounds like something you would like to achieve just book in for a 30 minute assessment, (my clients always get a breakthrough just in that) and find out exactly how working with me will change your life.

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