About Me

Yes, I am a hypnotherapist who has chosen to use my skills to assist a particular group of people heal from the trauma of abuse  – that is what I do!

So, who am I?

What would you want to know about me if you were thinking of trusting me to help you heal?

Sarah Griffiths

I am nearly 54 years old!

In May 2006 I emigrated to Australia from the UK with my husband and our twins (boys, now grown up in their 20s)
Most of my current work is conducted online which allows me to work all over the world… as long as I have a laptop and a connection, I can serve someone!
Nowadays due to family commitments I split my time living between the UK and Australia

Sarah Griffiths - Family

Why SallyG....

I get so many comments and questions about my business name and I really don’t mind if people call me sally or Sarah, I answer to both.
The business name is really for my Dad.
When I was younger my favourite name was Sally so my Dad gave me the nickname of Sal. A hybrid of Sally and Sarah. To this day he still calls me that and is the only person who ever has! So, I opted for Sallyg (G for my surname Griffiths) as a reference to that connection between us.

Aside from my clients ( who I serve passionately) my other interests are:

Cooking, I just love to plan a meal, buy the ingredients and cook, especially in an open kitchen where family or friends stand and chat to me while I work. If it involves a glass if wine, well, all the better!

Reading, I don’t get a lot of downtime but am an avid reader and audio books are a great option when I am literally too tired to read.

Walking, more recently as I have been spending more time in the UK and the stunning countryside, I have started walking again, very good for me!

Wine, I am lucky enough to live close to one of the finest wine regions in Western Australia (when I am there) and being surrounded by wineries I developed a desire to know a bit about wine, and of course a taste for the too.

Animal Rescue

I love dogs! And rescue dogs in particular, my last two dogs have come from the RSPCA and have just been wonderful. There is nothing like giving a loving home to a dog that needs one. They are such wonderful loyal creatures.

Sarah Griffiths and dog


I am passionate about elephants, such incredible creatures and so persecuted. I wear a necklace with an elephant on it, a heart for my dogs and an acorn for the start of my businesses. I rarely take it off as these things are very important influences in my life…

Sarah Griffiths and Elephant

Child Sponsorship

Children’s charities are where I tend to focus my giving and child sponsorship is very rewarding. I have been doing it for about 20 years now and never intend to stop. I know first- hand of the difference that it makes, not just to the child but, the whole family and the community.


World Vision


My aim is to use my business to establish a foundation to bring awareness to the extent of sexual abuse and to find a way to provide funding for those who need help to heal…


The Beach...

Is my happy place, I love the sea, the sight, the sound, the smell and again, am spoilt in Western Australia because the coastline is stunning.  

Sarah Griffiths - Hamlyn Bay

So, that is me personally but what about in business...

My experience and training of working with people spans about 30 years now and has bought me to the point I am at today of pouring my heart and soul into my own constant learning and development to serve my clients in a more powerful way.

My use of hypnotherapy to help people rapidly heal from the debilitating affects of abuse has been a huge milestone in my life partly because I have personally used the therapy to heal from my own hurts and traumas too…

I hope that we will work together and healing from your trauma will become a big milestone in yours too.

Sarah Griffiths - Sexual Trauma specialist

Every Emotional Issue has a solution...

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