About Me

Uncovering your root cause

Rewiring your thought processes

Inspiring You to take Action

About me and why I can help you create your strategy for success…

Firstly, I refer to myself as the unlikely 7 Figure Entrepreneur because I was just like you! For too long I was not achieving anything like my full potential. I had no control over where I started, but, just like you I am responsible for where I finish!

I currently have three businesses that turn over $ multi millions, but that is not where I started.

I started with nothing and my demographic did not indicate that I would ever achieve much at all. I had plenty of damaging experiences from my childhood and they held me back for a long time and yet, through it all, I just knew that I was capable of so much more.

Eventually I battled my fears and insecurities, I overcame my limiting beliefs and so can you! I developed a mindset which enables me to continuously take massive, imperfect action to create the life and business that I wanted!
My current use of RTT to further my own constant learning and development has been a major milestone in my life and one that I am excited and delighted about and so willing to share and use to help my clients:

  • Get rapid results
  • Stop wasting time and money
  • Create everything they deserve and can be do and have
  • Find emotional freedom
  • Overcome addiction
  • Let go of toxic thought patterns

Prior to owning my own businesses, I spent over 20 years in a corporate and sales environment transforming businesses for other people. Before accepting the challenge to go out on my own and do this for myself!

How? I applied myself, I focused on what I wanted. I spent $’000s, I invested in. myself and in the process I learnt about my mind and how it was working against me. I studied and applied various transformational therapies, NLP, RTT, mindset and limiting beliefs. I used what I learnt to set myself free and now I help others do the same.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that despite the many, many hurdles, mistakes and difficult times, the successful ones do not give up! They believe in themselves, so they just keep going; learning and growing until they get to where they want to be. When they get there they realise that it is just the beginning! There is so much more ahead so they keep going again and understand that learning, growth and potential are limitless! In fact, the only limit to your potential is the one that you place on yourself

Your main problem is…You don’t know what you do it, what the limiting belief running the show actually is.

That is where I can help you.

The biggest barrier to Your success is You!


If you are currently feel limited or restricted in any area of your life, thinking that you can’t move forward or just don’t know what to do next then carry on reading!  No matter what you think the problem is, your limited thinking will be keeping you where you are now and the great news is, with the right help encouragement, help and support you can totally change that thinking and move on, in any area of your life. With my help and RTT, you can do it fast!

It does not matter which aspect of your life you want to change what is keeping you from taking action is exactly the same, the same principals apply to any area of your life you choose so, what you want to do is irrelevant. Actually, doing it will come down to thinking about it differently, which will lead to different action and a different result.

You see, I know this because, I was feeling small and restricted just like you. I only started my journey to fulfil my true potential in life 8 years ago. I was 45 years old and could so easily have been held back by the feeling that I was too old, I didn’t know enough or the right people or have enough money etc, etc. My thoughts about why I couldn’t do it, what might go wrong, who might be upset or disapprove, was literally endless. They were all excuses, stories invented by my limited mindset that would have kept me stuck!

Excuses, what excuses?

Luckily for me, I recognised those excuses and stories for what they were and, I found something, within myself, and you have it too! I found a resolve to stop making excuses and just to get on with creating a different life for myself. I was tired of conforming and being what other people expected and wanted me to be. I decided to be true to myself and be what I wanted to be.

Was it easy? No.

Was I scared? Yes.

Do I still get scared? Yes.

Is it still challenging? Yes

Do I ever regret it? NO

Do I constantly push myself to BE, Do and HAVE more? Yes!

Now that I have started do I ever stop growing, challenging myself, believing in bigger and better things for myself? NO

No matter what happens I know that every day I am living the life that I created. Whether it is a good day, a bad day, an easier day or a hard one know that I am creating it and it is what I wanted!

So, as a wife of 23 years, mother to 22 year old twins and award nominated entrepreneur, I have extensively studied and come to understand many, many things about human behaviour and the mind and that is how I now help others create the life of their dreams. One of purpose and passion, and of endless and limitless possibilities.

Challenge your beliefs…

You need to know that You are Enough!


When you, challenge your beliefs, and your attitude about your potential, you will:

  • Stop following the rules (they are keeping you small),
  • Develop a growth mindset,
  • Become secure in who you are,
  • Believe in the probability (not just possibility) of creating what you can imagine,
  • Recognise your true potential,
  • Plan and create a different future,
  • Grow your businesses,
  • Start a business,
  • Grow in self confidence,
  • Have better relationships,
  • Become the best version of you, and
  • Operate at your optimum on all levels!

All of these start with YOU! The beliefs you have that do not serve you and the negative images and thoughts you have about yourself, life and others. You need to remove them and replace them with different thoughts, images and attitudes, just like I did.

If all of this looks too big then just start where I did and just imagine one area of your life different to how it is now. Notice how you feel about that? You see your thoughts create your feelings. When you change how you think about something, it will change how you feel about it.

This is why you need to learn to let go of any negative thoughts and images because they are creating negative feelings!

For example, When you imagine yourself failing, you feel like a failure too, and so you back down from what you want to achieve to avoid that imagined pain. But, it was not real! You just invented it and created a whole set of thoughts, feelings and a complete story that will keep you stuck and stop you taking action.

We need to work on that and turn it around.