Ayahuasca May 2022 - Peru

Peru Retreat 2022 May 25th - 10th June
(plus an optional 3 days for Macchu Pichu)

In 2021 I arranged 3 ayahuasca retreats in S America and EVERYONE who attended experienced life changing shifts, that have been integrated into their daily lives.

I love the continuing stories of how my clients who totally trusted me, continue to experience shifts and changes beyond what they could have imagined.

Just yesterday this text popped into my inbox from one attendee

“Thank you for everything you do, I am so grateful for you”

The combination of hypnotherapy and ayahuasca has been transformational for myself and my clients so, it is with great excitement that I am offering this retreat in 2022.

Ayahuasca and Masterplant Dieta

A fully immersive journey of a 15-day Master Plant Dieta in the Amazon Jungle with the guidance and protection of the Shipibo-Konibo Healers, Including up to 5 Ayahuasca journeys and other shamanic experiences

Part of a 14 week transformation experience.

A deep dive into healing and transformation.

Where you will have all of my skills and gifts as a hypnotherapist and healer to help you prep, receive the healing you need and then integrate what you have learnt.

There is absolutely no doubt, from my experiences in 2021 and those of my clients that the combination of ayahuasca and hypnotherapy  is:

“ A Dynamite combination to bring about healing and connection to your true self”

Just Pay $500 deposit now to secure your place.

It will be totally unique and unlike any other that I have previously offered.

A step up again! Creating a new standard for my retreat offerings


Because it offers a total immersion in plant medicine. A complete withdrawal from the rest of the world and social media to rest and rejuvenate.

(This is optional, contact is available if you need it, personally, I take it if it is offered!) and as a retreat it contains unique elements, only available because of my contact and relationship with these Master Shaman. 

Obviously the prep and integration work that I offer is unique to me too.

Details, are as follows:

Extensive hypnotherapy and coaching, providing a unique 14 week container of prep, support and integration delivered remotely.

15 days on location in a brand new purpose built facility at Pulcallpa (a short internal flight from Lima) on the edge of the Amazon jungle. You will be absolutely seeped and immersed in the ways and life of the Shipibo people.

The opportunity for up to 5 Ayahuasca journeys, in a safe environment, conducted by Master Shaman of the Shipibo tribe, with 100s of years of shamanism in their lineage.

It begins with pick up from Pucallpa airport to Ronin Juinti (Heart of the Anaconda) Healing Center.
Accommodation and meals. Accomodation is simple and clean and food is from the land, about as fresh, natural and organic as you can get.

Ceremony to open the world of plant consciousness through Dieta and plant prescription of person-specific master plants. Each person will work individually with a master shaman to determine their healing needs and establish the plant that they should Dieta with.

  • Up to 5 Ayahuasca journeys
  • Sauna with master plants for detoxification of negative energies
  • Traditional Shipibo stomach cleanses
  • Bath with aromatic plants of 7 powers.
  • Ceremonies and energy work for the recuperation of positive energies for 5 days.
  • Traditional Shipibo head plasters with master plants to rest the mind and spirit.
  • Educational talks and workshops about the healing plants of the Shipibo-Konibo lineage.
  • Exhibition and display of traditional Shipibo handicrafts.
  • Walking excursion to/around the Cashibo Cocha lake.
  • Jungle treks to visit the master plants in their wild and natural environments.
  • Full sharing and integration opportunities after every aya ceremony.
  • My continuous support, hypnotherapy, meditations and coaching for the duration
  • Retreat closing with Mashá – traditional Shipibo-Konibo song and dance.


A truly phenomenal  experience which I know will be life changing for all who choose to attend

Includes all of the above plus your food, accommodation and transport  to and from Pulcallpa to this purpose built plant medicine retreat facility.

I don’t actually know of another retreat that offers so much?

I really do think that I am raising the bar and including absolutely everything you could possible need.

Cost $5000 all inclusive for the 14 week container

As an optional extra: FREE AS AN EARLY BIRD BONUS!

Of course I understand that for many, a trip to Peru is incomplete without a trip to Macchu Pichu so, for those who want to go, it is available as an optional extra for $500  – free as an EALY BIRD BONUS Till 30th December 2021.

Day 16 – Flight to Cusco, stay in a hotel in Cusco. Rest and integrate.
Cusco itself is a beautiful town, full of history and heritage and one of my favourite places in the whole world! We will stay in a hotel that I have used before, a short distance from the main square.

Day 17 – Take the bus to Ollantaytambo and hopefully have time to explore its quaint square before we board the train to Aguas Calientes, gateway to Machu Picchu. The train journey itself reveals more of the beauty of the area and there is historical commentary onboard. This trip takes a couple of hours and when we arrive you will be free to explore the town, its vibrant marketplace, and hot baths.
(as long as they are open).

Day 18 OPTIONAL – Early morning in Machu Picchu, a truly incredible experience in its own right; a staple for the bucket list! We will engage a guide to show us everything and share the history, then we will  head back to Aguas Calientes, for a last look around before we take the late train back to Cusco, to our original hotel here for one last night together.

Day 19 – Unfortunately our incredible experience is over and you are free to leave.
To explore more of Peru or S America if you have time or, to head back home, marvelling at all you have seen and heard and ready to integrate your shifts and revelations, into your daily lives.

Take advantage and secure you early bird bonus to the Value of $500 NOW

One thing is for sure, You will never be the same again!

This trip WILL change you.

Cost for Machu Pichu option, fully inclusive of flight back from Pulcallpa, accommodation in Cusco and Aguas Calientes, guide, entry and transport in Aguas Calientes  (basically everything except food and drink, which is very inexpensive) – $500

Early Bird Package:
 Save $500 as you receive the
Macchu Pichu experience for FREE.

Book and pay your deposit by 30th DEC and receive the Macchu Pichu add on as a free bonus! ($500 value)

Yes, that makes the whole 18 day package $5000 instead of $5500!

You can secure this package with a $500 deposit then spread the rest of the cost over the next 5 months Jan – May with payments of $900 per month.

 In addition to gifting you the Machu Pichu experience, for your early commitment, I am not charging a fee for monthly payments either.

Unfortunately the deposit is non-refundable as I will be using it to secure your place HOWEVER if COVID makes travel impossible then of course the trip will be cancelled and any funds you have paid, will be returned to you.
I look forward to seeing you on this incredible trip and doing this deep healing work both with and for you.
Of course, if you have any questions just reach out to me at sarah@sallyg.com

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