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Sarah Griffiths


Collapsing the timelines of transformation, success and wealth creation

Your Blueprint for Success in Business and in Life…

By now you have watched the Masterclass and you understand...

There is Just One thing that is holding you back
as an entrepreneur…

Missed the Masterclass? - then watch or listen here...

This is seriously affecting your business and every area of your life. As if an invisible brake has you on hold…
You cannot show up as your authentic self, and you know you have unlimited potential BUT...
Something is sabotaging your success.

As an Entrepreneur you are probably struggling with one
or all of these and many more...

  • You are afraid to be seen and heard as your authentic self.
  • You struggle to attract your ideal clients.
  • You do not see your true value and worth.
  • You think you need to be perfect.
  • You do not believe that you truly deserve what you desire
  • You self sabotage when you reach a certain level of success
  • You have a negative relationship with money
  • You work too hard with too little return

Hello, I'm

Hi I’m Sarah Griffiths. As an award nominated business woman, I am a coach, therapist and intuitive clinical hypnotherapist. For the past few years I have been using my learned knowledge, skills, my experience and my gifts to help people recover from the effects and impact of childhood trauma and how that becomes a stumbling block to them achieving success in business and in life.

I have twin boys, now grown up. I travel extensively but, when I am home I live in Western Australia. My work is virtual and my clients are spread all across the globe.

The results that I achieve for and with my clients are truly transformational as we collaborate on uncovering and healing their deepest wounds, very often but not always caused by narcissism in childhood.

This is not just work that I have learnt to do, it comes from deep within me and it is a connection to source, that allows me to do the work that I do and achieve what I achieve both for and with my clients. I have been on my own extensive healing journey and from that journey I haver created this blueprint for business success. 

Sarah Griffiths

Your Un-healed Childhood wounds...

Before you can fully share your gifts, become the best possible version of yourself and achieve your highest potential,
deep transformation healing needs to take place. 

It may show up in different ways but, from my work with literally 100s of entrepreneurs just like you but what I understand is that the ONE THING that is holding you back in so many ways in all major areas of your life is YOUR CHILDHOOD WOUNDS. More specifically, the limiting beliefs, ideas and perceptions that you created as a child, in response to what you were experiencing in your environment. These beliefs and ideas that you created as a child are then stored in the subconscious as your main neural pathways. They were created to keep you safe as a child but, are still there! (because the conscious mind cannot over ride what the subconscious has created to keep you safe) and are now being projected into you adult life and

I can Help You get Unstuck right Here!

I have worked with many people just like you!
People who are playing small, hiding and living in fear!
Who do not know who they are, what they want, need or desire,

Because something in their childhood taught them that they are irrelevant, unimportant, bad, faulty, defective, cannot be trusted, must be controlled, not enough, not clever enough, pretty enough, loveable enough!

All of these people, just like you have been made to feel this way, diminished and put down because of the fear of others.

Other people have made you feel this way because they feared you! You were different and stood out. They knew that they could not shine as you shine do what you do or be who you are.
So, instead of supporting you and helping you grow, they bought you down and kept you small.

They took away your self belief and self confidence because you shone too brightly and their insecurities and lack of self confidence meant that they could not compete!

They bought you down and diminished you, not because you were not good enough but because they were not good enough!

They could not elevate to your level so they had to reduce you to theirs. This what has you stuck! and is a huge influence not just in your business but in all areas of your life.

It is this that this program is uniquely designed to overcome. 

Business Abundance and Money Mindset Mastery

Your external success is a reflection of your internal Transformation.

This totally unique 8 module, 16 week group experience is reflective of the path that I took on my way to success and overcoming my own childhood wounds and the resulting limiting beliefs. (and they were significant!)

I have combined all of my knowledge and experience and created TTT®

Total Transformation Technique ®, which is the basis of this work.

Through this work I have released all that was holding me back and causing me to self sabotage and, I have helped 100s of others do the same.

I am creating the life of my dreams as I positively impact the lives of others and show them how they can leave the past behind and have it all with ease, grace and flow.

This is what I want to help you create too

The 8 main ways this is experienced are

  1. You are afraid to be seen and heard as your authentic self.
    This means that you either cannot launch or grow your business because you are afraid to express yourself, in anticipation of the judgement or rejection that you are certain will
  2. You struggle to attract your ideal clients,
    related to your fear of being your authentic self, you cannot attract your ideal clients
    because you are not clear about your message! You are hiding, playing small and watering down what you really want to say.
  3. You do not see your true value and worth or trust yourself.
    This means that you do not show up with unshakeable self confidence and self belief and if you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect your clients to? They will sense your uncertainty and hesitation.
  4. You think you need to be perfect. Perfect for whom? There is no such thing as perfect in the broad sense, what is perfect for one person will be totally wrong for another but, your obsession with perfection causes paralysis and procrastination which is holding you back
  5. You do not believe that you truly deserve what you desire. You are limiting yourself, feeling guilty for wanting more! You have been taught to be satisfied with just enough and that you should be content, grateful with what you have. That wanting more than to survive is wrong! So, you play small leaving no room for excess or abundance.
  6. You self sabotage when you reach a certain level of success Somehow whenever you reach a certain level of success, a monetary income, a number of clients, you find yourself, self sabotaging! Setting yourself back and unable to move forwards. This relates to old but ingrained beliefs that tell you something bad will happen if you have or want more.
  7. You have a negative relationship with money. Your ingrained beliefs about money will have a huge impact on every area of your life. Affecting what you charge for your services, what you then do with that money and most of all your enjoyment of it and ability to keep hold of it!
  8. You work too hard with too little return. You have been taught that you need to hustle! That to be successful you need to work hard! So, the concept of earning money, creating abundance, doing something you love? You think that is not available to you so, you make it hard, without joy or pleasure.

Working with a combination of the conscious and the subconscious we will reprogram and rewire everything...

All the negativity that you currently believe about yourself, life, others and the world. Together, we will totally reframe your reality!

Giving you freedom from the past so you can totally focus on your future, the future that if you can imagine, you can certainly create once you know, without doubt that what you desire, you deserve!

The essential ingredient, the key to
“Collapsing the timelines of healing, creating transformation success and wealth creation”
Is working with the subconscious! Where all of your limiting beliefs are created, stored and projected from because the logical mind cannot overcome what the subconscious created to keep you safe.

So, How will we achieve your transformation?

  • I have already tried so much!
  • I totally understand that you have already tried so many other things? ( I had too!)
  • I hear your totally valid questions?
  • Why will this work when other things have not?
  • What makes TTT different? (Total Transformation Technique)
  • How are your clients achieving such incredible results?


The focus of TTT is deep relaxation, meditation and hypnotherapy! Intuitive, trauma informed (To heal your childhood wounds) and already used by me to bring about transformation in the lives of 100s of people.

Used in very specific combinations to work on you!  To bring about deep healing and inner transformation in ways that, if you have not experienced this you probably do not even believe are possible.

Your results are my passion!

I know that this works because my clients are already using it and seeing the dramatic, life changing results that I am becoming so well known for. I receive messages like this almost daily, here is what just one client had to say.

“I’m so amazed by you, material and information provided by you!! It is like my whole life is opening to something I was ‘dreaming’ about but didn’t know how to reach or ask for it till I met you!!! I’m so very curious about it all and listening to your wonderful recordings 3x a day!! Deep gratitude for you and all you do!”

Sarah Griffiths Sexual Trauma Specialist

What can YOU expect...

  • Lose all fear of being seen and heard, allowing you to show up in a unique and authentic way.  Being seen and heard for who you are.
  • This in turn allows you to attract your ideal clients who are drawn to you like a magnet as they resonate with your authenticity
  • You will know with unshakeable belief, your true value and worth so you can show up with absolute self confidence and self belief, allowing you to set higher and bigger goals for your self as you launch or grow your business.
  • You will understand that there is no such thing as perfection! Setting this aside removes the procrastination and paralysis allowing you to finally achieve some real results.
  • An alignment in your conscious and subconscious beliefs regarding what you desire and deserve. Removing all guilt around wanting to be, do and have more! leading to
  • No More self sabotage!, no more upper limiting and glass ceilings, just an open pathway to abundance and achieving beyond anything you even considered possible before.
  • A positive relationship with money! We will uncover, re wire and reprogram all of your negative beliefs around money leaving you free to earn and keep hold of whatever you earn and to have joy in the excess.
  • No more working too hard for too little! We will remove the fear, scarcity and neediness, which is actually a repellant to success. Allowing you to create a successful business with flow, grace and ease.

Everything you need to totally change your perspective of your life, your past, your future and all that is available to you, is in this totally unique group program.

  • 8 modules, over 16 weeks.
  • Specifically designed and created to focus on the key areas of sabotage that we identified above.
  • Each module, paced over two weeks giving you plenty of time to integrate what you learn
  • A membership area with weekly training and a live Q and A
  • BI weekly recordings to listen to daily, specifically targeted to help rewire and reprogram the subconscious, as it learns by repetition.
  • Plus full support in a private facebook group
  • Support and learn from each other as you join like minded entrepreneurs, each also on their healing and growth journey.

Program Investment


$997 for 16 weeks of intensive coaching, support and hypnotherapy.
 (*or 4 payments of $300 as Payment plan),

If you would like to speak to me to clarify anything book into my calendar by clicking this link
 Just put in the booking notes that it is ref BAMMM.

I look forward to meeting you!

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