Can a Narcissist really change…

With all the work we are sharing on narcissism, someone just asked a superb question: can narcissists really change?
Such a great question and here is my answer.
You are right, everyone can change, we know that neural pathways are created by repetition and can be uncreated. BUT, the big battle is as you say MOST narcissists will not admit their behaviour or see the need for change, so recreating new thought processes is impossible.
If they can see it and seek to change and some do, then yes, significant changes can be made.
What happened with Marc was, he asked me to do a hypnotherapy healing session, just as I do for my clients and it was not about his narcissistic behaviour but, he wanted to know why, in general, he was so unhappy.
So, I did a session for him based on that and everything else followed.
What the session revealed was a deep seated belief that he did not deserve to be happy! It was the sense of not DESERVING that was big stumbling block and to be honest when we uncovered this it was very significant and as I did the healing part of the session and the rewiring took place he was over whelmed with a sense that of course he DESERVED to be happy!
It was a huge revelation and from that he saw that I deserved to be happy too!
It was a huge shift in his perception and beliefs and this is why the work that I do is so powerful. I can achieve with my clients in just one session, what talk therapy will just never be able to do.
This sort of intervention would be a game changer for couples who are trying to understand and navigate their relationships or for individuals trying to modify their own behaviours, in whatever way for whatever reasons.
So, there is the answer: Marc Griffiths was exposed to a particular kind of therapy and it changed everything.
I do not think he would have got there without it because he has previously had various traditional talk therapy sessions and got nowhere.
I hope that helps answer your question.

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