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Sarah Griffiths

Abuse & Trauma Therapist

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery System

Welcome to Nars and thank you for trusting me to take you on this journey. To prepare for our first lesson together please take the next few days to read through the introduction, do the exercises and watch the video below.

What you need to do

Your result, your healing, growth and expansion is my passion.
I am here to help, support and guide you.

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A bit about me, the creator of this system.

I am Sarah Griffiths, now 56 years old (Nov 2021) I was born in the Uk but now live in Western Australia, where I emigrated in 2016 with my husband and our twin boys, now aged 25.

These days I tend to split my time between travelling and my work with plant medicine in South America  (where I facilitate regular retreats for my clients) my family in the UK and my life in Australia.

So you see, there really can be a rich and fulfilling life post CPTSD, childhood trauma and a very long narcissistic relationship.

From my own healing work and the work that I now do for and with my clients my whole family has benefitted and all of them, including my narcissistic husband are making changes for the better. The work you do here on yourself will have an impact that you cannot yet imagine, as the change in your becomes evident and others are inspired and follow where you will lead.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, over the past few years, I have helped 100s of people recover from the trauma of abuse. I myself was in a 25 year marriage to a covert narcissist, I will share more of that as we progress together but I have fully recovered from the CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) traits that I suffered with for many years.

I know the role that my past played, the dynamics that skewed my perception of a loving relationship and my place in the world.

I live a very different life now, as a completely new, whole and healed person. My healing is total and complete and I am now here to help you get free and change your life too.

This methodology played a critical role in my own healing and has I have now successfully used it to impact 100s of others in the same way.

Understanding, communicating and collaborating with, the subconscious mind is what sets this program apart and is a big part of the work that we will do together.

This program is a culmination of all of my knowledge and experience from extensive work with those who have suffered for many years from the affects of abuse, not really understanding why they felt as they did about life, themselves, the world and others.

Working with me was life changing for them, as it will be for you too.

As we progress together I will share everything I know in a very real, raw and authentic way.
I will hold nothing back and we will focus on, the tools and knowledge that you need to do the following and so much more

Whatever the mind created, the mind can uncreate

Every emotional issue has a solution and

When you change your beliefs, you change yourself and you change your life.

This system is not about the narcissist! You cannot change them, only they can do that.

You can only change yourself!

So, everything we do together, in these 8 weeks is designed to take you through, step by step how to make those changes.

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"Setting Yourself up for success"