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Your Journey Starts Here...

Your Journey Starts Here...

This membership program provides extensive knowledge and resources to help you on your growth and healing journey.
Yes, it is here to provide you with understanding and information BUT, those things alone do not bring about healing and transformation.

I am here to give you the tools you need to heal! Not to rush you through loads of information. My experience has taught me, that healing and transformation come about with time and working through a process to rewire and reprogram the subconscious. It is not to be rushed through but, I promise you, if you take your time and follow the process, it will bring about massive change for you. 

For that reason, before you start on core course no1 NARS, I want you to start here so that you have a basic understanding of the concepts that this program is based on, plus dive into some of the other resources.

I want you to have a good grounding and a solid foundation before you start any of the really intense CORE courses.
There are other mini courses in the resources section that you will have access to immediately


What to expect...

In this introduction module  you will get acquainted with
understanding the TTT® Total Transformation Technique and the Rules of the Mind:

This is a very in depth module in itself so that when you start a core course you will do so understanding the key concepts of how the subconscious works, which in turn is key to your success in this program.

Plus use hypnotic meditation no 1 to get you used to the relaxation process (in the hypnotic recording section)

In two weeks time, once you have absorbed the key concepts and are used to the relaxation process, your first core course will be open to you.

You start with NARS (Narcissistic Abuse Recovery System) because although it focuses on narcissistic abuse, the concepts in it apply to anyone who has suffered any kind of child abuse at all.

It explains to you clearly why it impacted you as it did and works through the healing process. Whether the abuse was intentional or was due to ignorance does not alter the impact on you or what you need to do to recover from it.

Once you have worked through NARS you will be able to move onto BAMMM (Business Abundance and Money Mindset Mastery) , where you will start applying and integrating all that you learnt in NARS. They are complimentary to each other but BAMMM has a different focus and looks at the impact on childhood abuse on the entrepreneur whereas NARS is very general. Entrepreneurs should still do NARS first because of the healing and shifts and changes that it
will bring.

BAMMM is a focus on visibility, self- sabotage and money mindset and is far more effective if the groundwork in NARS is done first. You will also find as you change and grow that it is useful to do the core courses more tha once as the second time you have a different perspective and learn something new. You will be in a different place within yourself by this point, changing the foundation of your relationship with yourself and the lens through which you see the world.

Modules of core courses are very in depth, plus they each include a specific meditation that applies to a particular lesson. For this reason a new module will open every two weeks. I know from the beta test that was run that each module does need two weeks.

We will be doing a lot of work together as I connect with you in “The Rose Garden” A safe space for you to ask any questions that you might have then there are the monthly masterminds where I will be teaching on a core topic. Of course, for those who want to, there are also option to work with me 1:1 and also to
work through core courses in a small group mastermind (Extra charge applies for these) Information about this is found in the “Work with me” section


Intro – Lesson 1: Understanding the Total Transformation Technique (TTT)

Intro – Lesson 2: Rules of the Mind

Intro – Lesson 3: Trauma the full facts

Intro – Lesson 5: Making a Quantum Leap

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