Three easy steps to Understand Your Mind

Understanding the mind. It is not that complicated!

Does it make sense to you that nature would gift you with a brilliant and phenomenal mind that you cannot understand?

One that takes a lifetime to understand and another lifetime to master?

Of course not! Where is the sense in that?

Why waste one lifetime trying to get to grips with your mind, when you do not have a second lifetime to master it.

Your mind is incredible and yet simple. You absolutely can and, with my help, will understand it and have your mind working in your best interests, for who you are now and, very quickly

It works on just three very basic principles and when you just understand these you will see how these principals apply to yourself and how your mind operates.

Understanding is power and when you understand how your mind works, you can use that knowledge to change your own thought patterns and therefore your behaviour patterns too.


Your mind works for your survival! It does not care if you thrive or if you are happy it only cares about your survival. Your mind works on old DNA programming as if you are still living in a cave, with danger all around. Your circumstances, environment and culture may have changed but, the mind has not caught up. It does everything it can to keep you safe and will react in irrational and non serving ways should it detect anything that may cause you danger. It does not think this through, it does not reason or rationalise, it just reacts and you do not even realise what is happening. That 80% of your decisions, thoughts and actions are being driven by outdated information and old DNA.


Your mind does not like what is unfamiliar, it does everything it can to stick with what it knows. This is related to the above where sticking with the familiar was the safest thing to do. To stay with the group, hunt with the clan and to provide protection and shelter as a group, in familiar places was the way to stay safe to stay alive. This explains why whenever you have a single thought about doing something new, going to a new place or moving away from familiar people and places your mind leaps in to shut that thought down, giving you a fear reaction that prevents you from taking action.

Your mind has not stopped to think about the benefits of your scheme it simply sensed something unfamiliar and rushed in to shut it down before you could act. Survival, not thrival and sticking with the familiar.


Your mind acts in a way that it believes is absolutely in your best interest. Often the message it is acting on is old and outdated! It may have applied to you at one point when you were younger, in different circumstances but, it has no relation to who you are and what you want for your life. All of the three ways that the mind operates are linked as you can see by now. Your subconscious is running the show and has developed its thought pattern by the time you are 10 years old and unless you recognise this and disrupt the pattern it carries on running your adult life as if you are a child!

This is why so many people lack self confidence, find it hard to have a voice, have bad relationships, money blocks and so much more. It is all related to what you mind thought you needed when you were younger, smaller and weaker than you are now. The problem is that the message to the subconscious has not been updated.

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