Finding Hope in the Darkness

It is no secret that I am totally dismayed, if not angry at the misinformation, based on outdated information and ideas, that has so many people stuck! 

Too many people suffering for far TOO long.

Thinking that they cannot heal from their mental health issues, or that it must take a long time.

On hearing that they must “LIVE” with their situation, and learn to “MANAGE” their symptoms, knowing that this is what life is now, what do you think that does to a person?

Without even taking into account other factors around how the mind is in control and how the body can heal, from almost anything, just think about this.

If you go to the hospital or a doctor with a mental health condition and they say there is little they can do, what kind of words and images do you then feed your mind? Which lead to the actions you take and the result you get.

How likely is it that they will be positive ones? Causing you to take the necessary steps to heal and focus on a brighter and new future?

Because of how the mind and body work 
(which very few people will ever take the time to explain to you) 
just being given this negative and finite information, in itself, becomes a self fulfilling prophecy!

Literally because you are now focusing on the fact that you CANNOT totally recover and start to plan your next days, weeks, months and in fact your whole future based on this.

This contributes to why it is so hard for you to effectively heal.

We know so much now about how the mind affects the body and the role of the subconscious mind that no wonder this kind of draconian approach, which has no basis in reality is so frustrating.

Just lately I have received a flurry of messages from clients, detailing their huge shifts after just one session with me.

One of the things they all mention, almost without exception is HOPE. That from the beginning I gave them hope so even before they started they KNEW that this would be a different experience.

They BELIEVED that it would work.

What do you think the difference was, before we even started our sessions, in the words and images that they were feeding to themselves?

How do you think this affected the chemicals and hormones that the body then started to produce to start to change their reality?

I will be sharing a lot more about this, so, also consider

Why is it that sufferers are not taught how they can literally change their own chemical make up and therefore bring about their healing by focusing on the fact that they CAN heal, understanding that just these thoughts, words and images will create a chemical change and begin the healing process, creating a foundation for change.

Does it happen immediately? No
Does it required sustained focus? Yes

There are instances of trauma sufferers healing, totally transforming themselves, in a week, harnessing the power of the mind, meditation and hypnosis so why are people not told?????

It seems to me so often that much of our medical system is not about healing but focuses on labels and pills.

It is time for change!

Please. note, I am not against doctors and from my conversations with them I know that many of them are as frustrated as I am by the boxes they have to tick and the inflexibility of an outdated mammoth of a system that like the titanic is too big to effectively steer and changing course?

well, it just takes too long!

As always if you are curious, book into my calendar for a FREE 30min session to explore this further.

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