Finding me Again with Juliette Mullen.

Are you ready to rise into a better quality of life, one with no limitations?

Juliette Mullen, The Mindset & Soul Resilience Coach and Therapist believes we all deserve success and a good life balance.

I help high achieving men & women struggling with burn out, imposter syndrome, trauma and self-sabotage increase their confidence, passion and presence by releasing what no longer serves them and realigning to their passion and purpose to enable them to have the life and business they desire and the love they deserve.

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Whether it’s more calm & confidence, wanting to feel more motivated, stop self sabotaging behaviours & imposter syndrome or recovering from trauma, I can help you.

So, if you want to feel free, full of energy and ready to take your life, relationships and business to the next level then let me introduce myself…

I’m Juliette and I’m a heart centred Mindset & Soul Resilience Coach who supports mean and women like you. As an (almost) 40 year old, who reached burnout in my early 30’s due to toxic relationships, being a workaholic, chronic perfectionist and experienced traumatic events, I have learned how to let go, heal and now live in alignment with a good life balance.

After reaching burn out and suffering from some challenging health conditions, people regularly tell me that my energy and mindset is inspirational and that calm is my super power!

Although it wasn’t always this way, I had to go on a journey- I no longer feel it’s about more time- because I know it’s about alignment!!

I now know the secret- that in order to flourish, our life needs to be balanced- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

I was lost..

10 years ago, I was lost. I felt disconnected from myself, my family and friends and my life- I’d forgotten what it was to be happy, passionate and in love with life.

I suffered from crippling anxiety, C-PTSD and exhaustion and I had no idea what to do about it. I spent years looking for answers, getting  more and more frustrated and just feeling worse.

I was afraid of failing because I felt a fraud and so afraid of success because I couldn’t cope.

So 4 years ago, I quit my corporate job and started my own Coaching, Consultancy & Wellbeing company- from scratch! And now I’m a successful entrepreneur, best selling author, consultant coach and therapist, with a successful business.

I have a passion to help you realise your true potential because I have been right where you are now and would love to help you find that place of calm inside you so that you can go from surviving to THRIVING!

I support high achieving women just like you!

I support kickass women that want MORE from their life and their relationships. Professionals, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are ready to excel in their business or take their career to a whole new level.

Ambitious, talented, driven women like you!

If I learned to heal the past to create a business that supports me, nourishes me, gives back, AND allows me have freetime with my family then so can YOU!

And yes, you can be heart-centred, calm, creative and in-flow with life and be nourished by doing something that lights you up.

You can have it ALL!

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