Healing Autoimmune Naturally with Marsha Schults

Taking control of your health and debunking the ‘no cure’ myth

Marsha is an independent researcher of health, wellness and supplementation for 17 years and as a person who’s walked the pathway to recover from Autoimmune naturally, Marsha shares her understanding of research that is difficult for most people to digest.

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Marsha’s strong philosophy that ‘knowledge = power’ gives her followers control of their health and healing journey, to reclaim their life.

Through her own journey, extensive research and being her own ‘guinea pig’, Marsha has finessed a simple, yet powerful protocol that puts the spotlight on the pivotal link between gut health and inflammation and how antibiotic use, prescription medication, environmental toxins and stress, vastly contribute to symptoms.

With a powerful message that shows your health is in your hands, Marsha will show you how to eliminate your symptoms and support your body’s natural biochemical process to heal itself. If you’ve ever wondered about the possibility of a solution for Autoimmune that goes beyond the standard medical response, Marsha and Healing Autoimmune Naturally can help… 



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