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Hear incredible stories from women who have overcome extreme trauma in their lives, to live the life they deserve!

In this episode hear from Tia Lynn.




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In February 2017, I decided to take the massive leap of faith, and left my cushy salary job as a Marketing Director in Salt Lake City, Utah and headed to Southern California to live in my dream location. My job was eating me alive, it was hurting my soul; the company I was working for did not have the same core values as me and I knew I needed to get out as soon as possible. They were not serving people with integrity and not making the lives of people better. Instead, the service being offered actually made their life harder in the long haul. I wasn’t motivated to help a company that made me feel icky inside. I also didn’t align with how they treated their employees; they did not value their employees and I didn’t feel like this was a place I should work. 


I wanted to help make the world a better place and help people make more money and create more financial freedom doing what they love and loving their life not going deeper in a hole of debt and making their life harder in the end. 

I took a position to help me get to Cali and take that first step doing door-to-door sales. After a month, I could not knock one more fucking door!! Congrats to anyone that can do this, but I constantly thought of how I hated this and how I could bring customers to ME not me knocking on doors. I was the marketing queen and this was not helping me grow and using my strengths. 


Without any income, I found a house, signed a lease, quit the door to door and gave up on the 9-5. I found a way to do marketing remote for businesses and on the side I started building my custom online clothing line, Static Threads, and preparing my business for the busy Holiday months for Christmas!


I knew the season was coming up fast and I had A TON to do! I didn’t want to be this little side hobby anymore. I wanted it to be a real business with strategies in place to make me more money. After trying to figure it out on my own, I realized I wasn’t where I needed to be for the holidays… I decided to take the leap and hire my first business coach. Taking this leap I was able to grow the business 310% in two-years, even though I was self-taught in most skills, she was able to provide me with the tools and new ideas that she learned in her years and years of experience. It was during this time, I found the deep and rewarding value of working with a business coach. While working with her I learned that I could spend hours and hours of learning things on Youtube and trying it out on my own, or I could save myself months or years of trial and error and learn from someone that already did it and was successful. I also learned the value of a 1:1 coach; the accountability, the mindset, and having someone help along the way.


If I kept trying to do everything on my own there is no way I would have transformed my business so quickly, I still would have been more of a hobbypreneur, being small, using excuses, and not getting where I wanted to be. She challenged me, pushed me, and got me to think and act like a CEO.


I know take what she taught me and use them in each business venture I take on and also teach my clients. I learned to value my time and not waste my time doing menial tasks, new marketing strategies, and growing a real business with an awesome brand.


After having a transformative journey working on myself and my business I discovered my passions and found that I would LOVE to help other women locate the same support and accountability that I needed in my business. I wanted to help other driven women grow businesses they loved and lit them up and use my expertise for good. I DECIDED this, while I was away from home in Thailand and away from all the naysayers in my life and decided to answer my true calling as a Business Empowerment Coach.

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