Hijacked fear system, really?

Someone just asked me how I can use hypnosis to help overcome the hijacked and over active fear system. Here is my reply. 

The mind controls the body and in hypnosis, done the right way you can instruct the mind to repair any part of the body. 

Collaborate with the mind, first confirm to it that the danger is in the past, that the fear response is inappropriate and no longer required. 
You can use many different images but one of the best is dials, where you can show the mind that you need it to turn down the dials in the fear response. 

It is a mind and body collaboration that also focuses on directing the mind to focus on an alternative future which needs calm and peace. 
The minds job is to help you create what you tell it you want so, we tell it that the future we want depends on the fear system resetting and it then helps us to do that, as that is what we focus on. 

The other images might be that is the amygdala and the hippocampus, to direct, as we vision, the body to grow one and shrink the other in response to what we tell it we want. 

It is a whole approach, based on the individual. It involves daily visioning and self hypnosis which is very easy to teach people to do as part of the process. 

If instead of the medical approach we have today, of pills and putting up with! 

If people were taught that they are and actually have within them, everything they need to heal emotional, mental and physical issues, the world would be a very different place. 
Suffering would be less and people would be happier. 
There really is a rainbow at the end of the road. If only people were taught which path to take to get there.

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