How to Fathom Who You Are with Carolyn Hobdey

Carolyn Hobdey has been through a number of traumatic events in her adult life, many based around personal relationships. In this episode Carolyn tells us her personal story.

Hear incredible stories from women who have overcome extreme trauma in their lives, to live the life they deserve!

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Carolyn Hobdey from MayDey Limited, has developed a 9-step process – The Fathom Framework – for anyone who wants or needs to make change in their life.

What drives you?

And who do you have around you to accompany on your voyage?

Because it’s only by really understanding what makes you ‘you’, can you start to make the changes needed to point your life in a new and exciting direction.

Breaking the negative cycle.

Creating an opportunity to grow.

Move forward.

Be more you.

With an innovative life-affirming app, online courses, a book and retreats, MayDey will give you the framework you need to take control and navigate life in the direction you want to take it.

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or on +44 7990 616611

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