Realisation 2: Rules of the Mind

Random sharing before we begin...

Before we move onto the daily practices of this program that will be a key part of rewiring your programming I wanted to share this with you

I wrote this piece one day as I was feeling in my body the reality of the uncertainty, the inconsistency of being in a narcissistic relationship. I called it “Disarmed and dropped from a great height” because in my experience, that is how it feels, the rollercoaster ride that you seemingly can never leave and never stops.

Well, thankfully I did get off! and so can you and that is why you are here and what I will help you to do. To break this cycle, for yourself, for your kids and for future generations.

Rules of the Mind

Please listen to my video series, Rules of the Mind. Don’t panic! as it’s only 10 minutes long.  Don’t worry if you can’t we will be going over them in detail together this week.

A key concept to understand here is...

Rules that the mind created to keep you safe as a child now keep you stuck as an adult.

We think that the mind is so complicated! But, in reality it is very simple and works by a series of rules and when you understand these rules you can start to see how they are playing out in your life, both past and present.

it is when you start to identify how the mind is working, the old rules and programs that it is running that have you stuck that you can really identify not only how you got to where you are but, you start to see the road to getting free!

Your mind is like a computer and it is currently running on old and obsolete information. It needs to be upgraded! To create new rules and information that really support you as who you are today.

Take your time to watch this video series all about the rules of the mind. As you work through regularly stop and especially at the end of each one. Take your time to think about the information being presented to you and work out how it applies to your life.

Pay attention to the rules, how your mind has previously created rules that served you when you were a child but, now have you stuck as the adult that you have become.

Keep listening to your “I am Enough” hypnotherapy recording, and watch the “Rules of the Mind” mini series that is below.

Rules of the Mind Video Series


Now that you understand more about the role of the subconscious and how it operates to keep you safe start to identify and record the rules that you created as a child to keep yourself safe, and how these are still running your adult life. Record these on the notes sheet provided.

How they have lead you to be in a narcissistic relationship and identify the fear and the rules that keep you stuck!

The ones that tell you that you just need to accept this
That you cannot leave,
That you will not be ok on your own
That everything you do is wrong
That you are no good and you actually deserve this abuse.

These and many, many more!

Remember that the narcissist has very specifically played on old wounds! Wounds that you shared! Making yourself vulnerable, thinking that you were in the presence of someone who would help and support you!

Instead, this person has taken your wounds, your weak points and exploited them, to further weaken you and enmesh you in a toxic situation that you believe you cannot escape from.

They are the hunter and you are the prey! The narcissist does not seek a partner! He seeks supply to feed his own ego at your expense, without care or compassion, totally devoid of any empathy.

But, we can move on and we can heal and understanding what embroiled us and what has us stuck, will help us to move on.


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