Realisation 3: Focus on you! - THE FUTURE YOU.

“Change your beliefs, change yourself and you change your life”

OBJECTIVE: A deep dive into the difference between who you are and who you want to be.

Your external success is a reflection of your internal transformation

In this program there is no doubt that you will learn to understand and use the power of the mind to overcome the affects of the abuse that you have suffered! To change how it has lead you to think about yourself and create success in every area of your life, this includes your business and career, finances and relationships as what you achieve in those areas is a direct reflection of your internal transformation.

We are going to deeply explore the past, your past, to explain how you ended up in a narcissistic relationship, why this is a pattern that is familiar to you in some way, from your childhood, which is why you were attracted to it.

To understand all of this in a way that has never been explained to you before we are going to take a deep dive into looking at the subconscious. In particular the rules of the mind because once you understand what the subsconscious is doing, you can collaborate with it to totally change your thoughts and perceptions about just about anyone and everything. Leading to different actions and results

No matter what your past is you can create the life that you deserve and desire when you understand the fundamentals of how the mind works

The mind is a powerful tool and with the right instructions, help, guidance and focus, it can uncreate anything that it has created.

Now that we have explored the rules of the mind you understand how and why it creates the rules and beliefs that run your life. You also understand the concept that what kept you safe as a child keeps you stuck as an adult. you now know that with this knowledge you can communicate and collaborate with your subconscious and it becomes a powerful ally to help you uncreate what was and re-create what will be as you decide on and design the future you truly desire and the person you want to become.

Using this new knowledge, you will now be taking a deep dive into the future that you desire. Specifically pay attention to currently have, as opposed to what you really want.

This gets you really focused on the problem areas in your life, all of which are  rooted in your past and the beliefs that were created, very specifically in your present or recent relationship which has left you without a sense of yourself, wondering if you will ever find yourself again.

As you dive in, I want you to know that I know that some of it will be hard for you to do, you will look at the questions and ask yourself, I have no idea about that! That is ok, this exercise will show you what you need to pay attention to as you create a future vision that gives you a glimpse of who you could be and what you really want and deserve to have in your life.

The things that you find difficult in this will show you the gaps, it is a living document that you can go back and alter as you experience shifts and changes within yourself that you did not even know were possible.

Workbook: Your Future Vision

Now that we have discussed every aspect of this in detail, complete this workbook to create for yourself a living and clear visualisation of what you want and deserve for your life moving forwards.

Personally, I did this exercise a few years ago, in a much simpler version, without any directions or support and it totally changed my life! As I realised that I deserved so much more, that I had been held back by the needs and beliefs of others and, that it was up to me to change that.

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Week 4 - Hypnotherapy Audio

Click the headphones to listen to this weeks Hypnotherapy Audio – Ancestor Meditation 

Week 4 - Live Group Session

Week 4 - Hypnotherapy Audio

Click the headphones to listen to this weeks Hypnotherapy Audio – Ancestor Meditation with music