Realisation 9 BONUS: Learning to love yourself! your new goals! Your passion and purpose.

On going meditation.
Focus on rules of the mind

4 weeks courses: Deserve and Desire series

Healthy mind, healthy body:

Attracting and maintaining healthy and loving relationships:

Expressing and getting your needs met
Understanding each other
Masculine and feminine energy
Understanding your partners past

Eradicate your business blocks including Update your money story:

Why are you struck?
What are your money beliefs?
What are your patterns/experiences
whose beliefs are you projecting

Learning to love yourself:

12 meditations: $27

short courses 497 each
short courses bundle all for $997

Main course: NARS $997:

Complete bundle NARS plus all short courses $1497 or

ALL  courses are included  when you attend a retreat or when you

Work with me privately: 8 weeks, 16 hours $4997 (2 hours a week) use in 12 months

Attend any retreat 4997

Attend a retreat and work with me privately $8997 use in 12 months

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