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You deserve to live the life of your dreams! Maybe no-one has ever told you that?

In fact it is probably much more likely that you have been given the impression that the opposite is true. Well, whatever you think or have been told in the past, you have enormous value and worth and deserve the very best that life has to offer you and everything you need to create that for yourself is already within you!

What stops you from being doing and having whatever you desire is your lack of belief in yourself! No matter what you think about the people around you, your situation and circumstance the barrier is always you! You and the fear that you are inadequate, that you will somehow fail and either let yourself or others down.

The fact is that by not persuing everything you want and need to do to become the best version of you, you are letting yourself down anyway!

“I am not responsible for what another person is doing or saying, or how they are behaving” I hear you say, almost indignantly and I get it, I really do, that is how I know. That is your thought on reading this but YOU can decide how this will impact on and affect you!

It is you that decides what you will and will not allow
You decide what is acceptable to you
You set your value and worth.

The only safety you need is yourself and in the interviews I have already done for my upcoming podcast

“Becoming the Light from the Shadows of Abuse”,

it is becoming clearer and clearer that every one of the women I have interviewed made life changing moves with incredible determination, courage and strength when they realised that all they needed was to be their own safety net! And they could then let go of everything that did not serve them.
You see you are putting up with a lot because you don’t believe that you are enough!
You have lost sight of what you truly deserve and who you really are and thinking that you NEED the protection and support of someone else will just keep you stuck! What stands between you and your dreams is fear! And it is actually fear of yourself.

You need to focus on replacing fear of yourself with trust in yourself.
Knowledge that you are enough.
Enough for anyone and anything and any circumstance
Look at the truth of that, what is it that you think you cannot do?
Now rationalise that and look at the reality.
Why do you have these negative thoughts about yourself
Where did they come from?
Are they really yours or did someone else put them there?

Who are you really and what are you waiting for?

If the movie in your mind, of the life you really want does not match your reality then what are you doing about that? You are the one that has the control and the ability to make things happen.

Want to know more? Book in for a free 30min session with me and let me show you how I can help you achieve your dreams.

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