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Goals for life:
Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards setting some serious goals, well, I hope so anyway as in response to the LARDY ARSE comment, I have just revamped this quick blog for you on goal setting.

By the way, in a group pf women, over 50, I think it is safe to say that most of us can relate to your comment!

Everyone is different so I wonder what these goals will mean to you?

There are 1000s of reasons that people set goals, the common denominator is that they are all trying to achieve a different result from the one they currently have. Less Lardy Arse and less going south, in this case!

Many will be trying to achieve something they have failed to achieve before and failure to set good goals could well be the reason.

Everything starts with a thought, followed by action Setting good, solid but achievable and motivating goals is essential as they then actually become your roadmap, your guide so you will always have an indicator of whether you are on the path towards your end result or not.

Your goals not only give you direction, they allow you to stay in control.

Everything I teach comes from my own experiences, the practices that I have adopted to achieve my own success. Theory is ok but, the tried and tested is much more useful. The following are my own personal methods that have led to me successfully setting up 3 businesses. If that sounds a bot strong compared to losing a bit of lard well believe me, I think the latter is equally difficult. You are wise to ask for help and to be kept accountable

Set great goals and make things happen in your life. Don’t tell other people how lucky they are when they work hard to achieve something a little bit out of the ordinary. They probably have goals that they are working to; stepping a little closer each day to what they ultimately want to achieve.

There are 5 main things I always consider when setting goals:

Write:A goal that is just a fluffy idea in your head is not actually a goal, it is almost certainly an idea, without real substance that will never amount to anything. True goals need to be written down! They need to be in a format that you can create steps to work towards them and progress that you can measure. You cannot do that with a notion that is floating around in your head!

What: What is your goal? not in the vague sense, get specific. Vague goals do not help you, you need to be specific. Not how much you want to lose but, what weight you want to be, what food you want to eat, what you want to cut out etc etc Think about the details that will help you focus.  How long will it take to achieve? What might you have to do to make it happen?

The problem with being vague is you really don’t have anything to work towards, it does not mean enough to you and for you to achieve them there has to be some passion behind your goal setting.

Set good goals, ones that you can visualize and then make them happen. For me, visualization is an essential ingredient of getting your goals established and creating steps towards them.

Why:Know what you want to achieve and be absolutely certain about why you want to do it. Make sure it is a goal you are passionate about as there will definitely be some hurdles to get over and, having a very strong reason why will be what keeps you going and focused when the going gets tougher than you ever think that it might. Make sure it is a motivation for you and not based on what others want. A motivation based on a desire to please others is not as strong as a motivation based on what is right for you. A common example of this is where people try to lose weight because someone else wants them to, or
because they are worried about what others think of them. This is why people in this situation fail to lose weight. The motivation is not truly their own so when it gets tough they give up.

When: When are you planning for this to happen by? Maybe it is a short term goal maybe longer. Either way you need to have a firm idea of when you expect to do this by. This may change but, you need an initial date to work with. Of course unexpected things may crop up to set you back but without an end date in sight you will either never get started or will become frustrated if it goes on longer than you expect.

Who: Who is going to help you? This is really important, especially if you are tackling a big goal and maybe some of what needs to happen is outside your area of expertise. Do not try to do everything, you have your skills and gifts and so do other people. Plan for the people you need and know how much they are likely to cost. Think about people you know who might assist you, even if It is just moral support rather than physically being involved. Make sure those around you are on your side and understand what you are doing. Personally I have done it a few times but, It is much more difficult to achieve a big goal when you have opposition or negative people around you. Try to eliminate this if you can. I do know from experience that this is not always possible and if those around you just don’t get you and what you are trying to do then you just have to make the decision to believe in yourself and your own abilities and do it anyway. (A lot more about this in my full training)

My other top tip is to get a piece of paper and divide it in half, length ways. On pne side at the top put Pros and on the other Cons. make a list of the 30 most important reasons for doing this, things you will do and feel, what you will wear and what it will mean to you. Now on the other side write down all the things you will miss out on, if you do not do this.
Now, you have a very clear and specific picture of why you are doing this
Love for now,


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