Master your Money Mindset

Dispelling the Myths…

A major issue for many entrepreneurs is what we have come to know as their


But is this an accurate way to describe it?

It is not just about money!

If you are reading this then, this is about you and you will understand that for you, what you are experiencing is any/all of the following:

  • An inability to launch your brilliant business idea 
    (probably due to a fear of being seen or heard and fear of failure)
  • A lack of growth because you have placed a glass ceiling on what you think you can achieve.
    (This is directly related to what you subconsciously think you are capable of or deserve)
  • Growth that you then self-sabotage!
    (related to many unknown subconscious beliefs)
  • An inability to hold onto money
    (Due to what those who raised you taught you about money!)
  • Not charging what you are truly worth
    (literally because you do not believe in yourself!)

If you are like the 100s of clients that I have worked with to overcome these blocks and many others then you are experiencing the same frustrations, feeling that no matter what you do, you cannot get past what is clearly in the way!

This is because it is not related to the logical conscious mind, therefore, it cannot be healed and overcome there!

The uncovering, understanding, and releasing of these blocks and beliefs requires a deeper connection and exploration, beyond the logical conscious mind, to the subconscious.

If it can be overcome with the logical conscious mind then why are you still stuck and looking for answers?


If you want a truly transformational experience then you must understand the role of the subconscious! 

Why, When and How it created the rules and beliefs that then run your adult life. Because I can guarantee you that they directly affect your money story!

What they are and how they impact you and, most importantly, how to overcome them!

Because information does not equal transformation!

Results come from Information plus action and information received from the subconscious is the most powerful information of all, leading to the most astonishing results.

When clients like you come to me because they are stuck in their businesses, either launching or growing them, they always talk about their money blocks but, what they are missing are the other important aspects, that they are not even aware of despite having done so much personal work.

What we need to uncover and understand are your deeply ingrained beliefs, the ones created in childhood that continue to be projected and run your adult life, usually having a very negative impact! Such as you are now experiencing

These are the unknown rules and beliefs related to:

  • What you deserve
  • What is available to you
  • What is acceptable to others (a big one!)
  • What is expected of you (this is also huge!)
  • What you are capable of
  • What you can receive

These and so many more are linked, and all contribute to your underlying belief in their own value and worth and this is where the real block lies. Some of these will be generational beliefs and ideas, not just your personal ones

Yes, what you subconsciously think you deserve, has a huge impact and is responsible for self sabotage and procrastination.

Your money blocks are actually Value and Worth blocks!
When we deal with those, money is a part of it and when you solidly 100% believe in yourself and you start to operate from abundance, not fear, then money truly can and will flow to you.

The amount of money you can earn or receive is directly related to your perception of your value and worth and talking about money does nothing to address these.

With this approach, I have helped 100s of people who have literally sky rocketed their incomes and business growth as well as significantly improved other areas of their lives.

I have some incredibly wealthy and famous clients who have benefitted enormously from my process, which I have called

Business abundance and money mindset mastery

I have created a blueprint for working with subconscious beliefs to create the above and using deep relaxation techniques can collaborate with the subconscious to uncover:

  • What the blocks and beliefs are
  • How they were created
  • When they were created
  • Why they were created

And most importantly,

  • What beliefs do we need to replace them with?  

For you to experience:

  • Business growth
  • More impact
  • An increase in income
  • An up levelling in all areas of your life

What follows is total freedom and release as joy becomes your default state and you begin to operate from self- love and certainty rather than scarcity and fear.

TRANSFORMATION happens when we take the information (which the subconscious gives us) and we integrate it to bring about TOTAL TRANSFORMATION.

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