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The Journey To Worthy movement was born out my own personal journey and recovery from childhood trauma, a DV relationship, teen motherhood and subsequent mental health issues and disordered eating.

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When I began to heal, it was hard – I had to ask for help, put in the work and make the decision to NOT give up – no matter how hard it got. But it WAS hard and the journey was lonely, I felt like no one else was experiencing what I was. I had this perception that the world had it all together and that I was battling these demons all by  myself. I remember the day I first felt the need to share what I was going through, I was anxious and nervous but I clicked publish on that first blog and Instagram post.  I had no direction for it – I just wanted to share and , hopefully, help other women feel less alone. The response SHOCKED me – women started reaching out and sharing their own stories and a real sense of community was starting to form.

I was at lunch with a friend and discussing my growing desire to help women after being on my own “journey To Worthy” – the words came out of my mouth and the hashtag and movement was born. It began as searchable hashtag that women could use to connect, however I wanted something more – something they could physically touch and wear as a declaration of love for themselves. The “I am Worthy’ tees were created and it further extended the community – people were purchasing the tee from all over Australia and overseas and sharing ,with pride and love, their own stories and photos in the tee on, social media. I knew in my heart that all my experiences in my life had led to this – my purpose was to help women and without the trauma, and subsequent healing, of my past – I would not be in the position to help today.


I sold my business to study counselling and I started planning a JTW podcast but I still felt there was more I could do to connect women and their stories.  The feedback from the Journey To Worthy army was “when are you going to bring the movement to us?’  Journey To Worthy the events was born from this and the plan is to do an Australian tour bringing inspirational speakers and community to women Australia wide. An event where EVERYONE is welcome without prejudice and without judgement, free to be themselves, connect with others and begin important conversations surrounding self love and worth.

Journey To Worthy started off as a personal healing story and has grown to become an entire ARMY of worthy women, learning to love themselves and change their mindset to lead a happier more fulfilled life.

Through the events and merchandise sales WE – the Army –  have been able to support The Butterfly Foundation, The Salvation Army and Baby Give Back and will continue to give back to organisations and charities that support women

Every woman is WORTHY – I believe in you – let’s get you believing in yourself

Ness xoxo

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