Narcissistic abuse, barriers and boundaries to protect yourself – with Sarah Griffiths

Barriers and boundaries to protect yourself (we discussed a lot of other things too!) Want to move on with your life……

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In all of my videos I aim to give value and show you how as an abuse and trauma expert I use my own signature system of hypnotherapy and deep relaxation techniques, combined with the best of therapies like NLP, neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behaviour and psychotherapy to help those suffering from the affects of abuse to overcome their past and move on to live rich and fulfilling lives, in whatever way this means to them. From overcoming anxiety right through to starting and growing their own business and everything in between. My method is empathetic, intuitive and most of all, it works! Whatever the affects of abuse are on your life, I can help you transform where /who you are now to who you want to be. I offer a personal, bespoke and totally immersive experience.

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