Sarah Griffiths

Abuse & Trauma Therapist

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery System

Welcome to NARS Narcissistic Abuse Recovery System:

Starting 15th November 2021

Thank you for your interest in joining me as a Beta Tester for what I believe is a truly unique program to help people recover from the effects of Narcissistic Abuse. 

Hello, I'm

You probably already know who I am but, for those of you who do not, my name is Sarah Griffiths, I am an intuitive clinical hypnotherapist and for the past few years I have been using my learned knowledge, skills, my experience and my gifts to help people recover from the effects and impact of trauma.

I have twin boys, now grown up. I travel extensively but, when I am home I live in Western Australia. My work is virtual and my clients are spread all across the globe.

The results that I achieve for and with my clients are truly transformational as we collaborate on uncovering and healing their deepest wounds, very often caused by narcissism in childhood.

This is not just work that I have learnt to do, it comes from deep within me and it is a connection to source, that allows me to do the work that I do and achieve what I achieve both for and with my clients.

Sarah Griffiths

My intention is that this program should be truly transformational and your job as a Beta Tester will be to let me know if it is or not!

It is definitely not text book! And I draw on my own experiences of childhood trauma, the abusive relationships that this then set me up for, including a 25 year marriage to a covert narcissist but most importantly, the healing that I have done to make me who I am today.

Totally free of CPTSD, anxiety, depression and triggers.

This is what I want for you and, no matter what healing you have already done, I know how to get you to where you truly want to be.

So, what can you expect as a Beta Tester?

  1. An 8 week deeply transformational group experience where together we will heal the deep wounds of narcissism.
  2. A deep dive into your past to understand why you have been attracted to abusive relationships in your adult life. 
  3. Remove it’s negative impact on your life and prepare you for a life focused on: Freedom, Love and Abundance rather than control, fear and lack.
  4. Be prepared for transformation.
  5. Experience release and healing beyond anything you could have imagined.  


This will become your reality as we delve into the subconscious, unlock the hidden fears and beliefs, release them and replace what was with what will be!

Releasing you into the freedom to truly be yourself as you:
  • Realise your value and worth
  • Your right to be seen and heard
  • Learn how to express and get your needs met
  • Set boundaries according to your values
  • Visualise and focus on creating your future
Learn to collaborate with your subconscious as you understand the rules of the mind, how it works, what it does and why so you will never be in the situation that you have been in again

“As we connect  or reconnect you to your true self, to your spirit, your soul, your essence and you truly become alive!”


I have worked with many people just like you!
People who are playing small, hiding and living in fear!
Who do not know who they are, what they want, need or desire,

Because their right to that has been stripped away.

Because they have been lead to believe that they are irrelevant, unimportant, bad, faulty, defective, cannot be trusted, must be controlled, not enough, not clever enough, pretty enough, loveable enough!

All of these people, just like you have been made to feel this way, dimidshed and put down because oif the fear of others.

Other people have made you feel this way because they feared you!
They knew that they could not shine as you shine do what you do or be who you are.
So, instead of supporting you and helping you grow, they bought you down and kept you small.

They took away your self belief and self confidence because you shone too brightly and their insecurities and lack of self confidence meant that they could not compete!

They bought you down and diminished you, not because you were not good enough but because they were not good enough!

They could not elevate to your level so they had to reduce you to theirs.

Working with the subconscious we will reprogram and rewire everything...

You currently believe about yourself, life, others and the world together, we will totally reframe your reality!

Giving you freedom from the past so you can totally focus on your future, the future that if you can imagine, you can certainly create.

How will we do it!
For 8 weeks we will work together in a group setting.

Using Hypnotherapy, our focus will be daily exercises to form good habits and rewire and reprogram the subconscious, as it loves repetition and repetition is the way to override old programs and beliefs and to rapidly replace them with new ones.

So, How will we achieve your transformation?

Especially when you have already tried so many other things?
What makes NARS different?
The focus of NARS is hypnotherapy! Intuitive, trauma informed and already used by me to bring about transformation in the lives of 100s of people.
I know that this works because my clients are already using it and seeing dramatic results.
So, what will we do ?
  • Daily: Journaling, following specific prompts to train your mind in a certain direction.
  • Daily: A hypnotic meditation to help you deeply connect to your own inner state and release what does not serve you
  • Weekly: Work through the tools and information provided to expand your knowledge and take it from your head to your heart. From just something you know to something you take action on! Knowledge is only knowledge, without action.
  • Weekly: Group information session and Q&A plus a powerful group hypnotherapy!

Everything you need to totally change your perspective of your life, your past, your future and all that is available to you, is in this group program.

Sarah Griffiths Sexual Trauma Specialist

What can YOU expect...

Expect me to show up as the very best version of myself, ready and willing to pour out absolutely all of my knowledge, my skill and my experience as my focus will be Your Transformation.

All I care about is your result, you leaving behind your past and stepping into an alternative future.
Full support, to be seen, heard and understood.
To be lifted up, appreciated and nurtured.

By someone who knows what this feels like!

Who understands the importance of each of these elements, someone who has been through this, has done the work and now lives a life of joy, abundance, certainty and without fear!

This is what I want for you and this is who I will show up as.

This is the space that I will hold for you as you.

All live training sessions will be recorded and available in the members, area for those who cannot attend live.
There will be a break to allow for the holidays 18th Dec to 2nd Jan.

From Jan 2022 the full cost of this program will be $997

The Cost – $997 

For this round only the cost is just $297 for 8 weeks of intensive therapy, support and hypnotherapy.

If you would like to speak to me to clarify anything book into my calendar by clicking this link  Just put in the booking notes that it is ref NARS, or whatssap me +61 0434 075459 or 

I look forward to meeting you!

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