Parenting with love, empowerment safety and freedom, Marieke Zwinkels.

Hear incredible stories from women who have overcome extreme trauma in their lives, to live the life they deserve!

In this episode hear from Marieke Zwinkels, Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Leader.

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Here’s an extract from Marieke’s Bio

Marieke is a spiritual teacher, healer and leader. She is an expert in the field of education and upbringing, (inner) leadership, self-love which is apparent in the way she has learnt to do the impossible and co-parent with a man who although undiagnosed has obvious narcissistic traits

She uses her extensive knowledge and experience to help people free themselves from beliefs, patterns and structures that prevent them from experiencing themselves as who they really are.
The path to total freedom is the path of complete self-love, and with her first book, 40 Days of Love for Yourself, Marieke provides clear and practical tools in addition to knowledge, insight and inspiration to continuously choose and grow.

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