Peru Retreat - Detailed Itinerary

July 7th Day 1:

Arrive Cusco at a time that suits you. We have yet to finalise our accommodation there but, will stay in a space in or near the city where we can sleep, prepare meals and just enjoy acclimatising, as it is at 4000m. As soon as we have the exact address, which should be in the next few days, we will give it to you, you will just catch a taxi or an Uber from the airport, it is very easy! We will let you know how much it should be, and the currencies accepted are Peruvian Soles (Sol-ay) or American $.

We will be there to greet you!

That night we will have a meal together (don’t worry I am a good cook) and just relax, get to know each other and prepare for the adventure ahead as well as fill in some details for the next few days as we find out more about what everyone wants to do.

July 8 – July 10  Day 2 – 4  Acclimatising and exploring Cusco.

Just spending time together as we cultivate an environment of positivity, connection, acceptance and shared values and experiences.
We are all here because we have experienced things in our life that we realise are having a negative impact on our adult lives, we know that we want to heal and focus on being the very best version of ourselves.

This will be no fixed itinerary and will depend on how people are feeling. You are free here to do things on your own, or take part in a group. There will be a daily group session with meditation and then a lesson as I help you learn to collaborate and understand the subconscious mind and the role it has to play in your life.

When you learn to live connected to and aware of your subconscious messaging, life becomes a whole lot easier to navigate!

You will all also have a  final individual session with me.

The city will be very easy to explore from where we are, do some research (google) to see what appeals to you but, the city itself is just wonderful to walk around and savour, the history, the buildings, the culture, it will literally surround you, you will be immersed in it.

If you like sweetcorn then the choccla, sold on street corners is a must! (no butter but, it is soooo good, it doesn’t need it)

The half day bus tour is very informative and I anticipate us doing that as it includes visiting various very important ancient ruins and gives you a view of life outside Cusco.

We are exploring the possibility of doing San Pedro one day, and we do need all day. Known as the Grandfather of plant medicine, a San Pedro experience is a very spiritual experience, connecting you to earth, to nature and to self. I will never forget my own San Pedro experience. We may also do some rape (Ra-pay) too, I will never forget that one either!

Plus a cacao ceremony will also be a possibility.

There is plenty to do! And we will accompany you or not as you want.

If you want to do the trip to hike rainbow mountain then please do it on day 10, once you have acclimatised. Or, if you want to stay a day longer, I am planning to do it on the 22nd and, you are welcome to come with me.

This is a time to acclimatise as we will be at 4000m and you will feel the thinness of the air, it just takes 24 hours to adjust.

July 11 Day 5
off to the jungle!
Cusco → Pilcopata → Queros Native Community:

Leave Cusco approx 5 a.m. stop at the colonial village of Paucartambo for breakfast. We continue to the Southern tip of Manu National Park, the pass of Acjanaco from where  descend into the Amazon basin. We will switch to a 4×4 pick-up and arrive at the Native Wachiperi Community of Queros for a traditional lunch. In the afternoon a local guide will lead an immersive tour of the Queros ethnobotanical garden. After the tour we have the opportunity to participate in traditional Wachiperi activities such as archery or craft-making. After dinner there will be storytelling time with community members around a traditionally hand-lit fire.

July 12 Day 6

We arrive at our destination and have our first ceremony

After breakfast we will visit Hignkiori, an ancient sacred rock site with mysterious petroplyphs. We continue our road trip through a number of smaller rivers and get to the native community of Shintuya, the home to about 250 Harakbut people, by midday. Our host family will meet us there, then transport us downriver to Parign Hak by motorized canoe. After settling in and having lunch, a short walk on the surrounding trails, and tour of our maloca (ceremonial space) is planned. There is time to rest in preparation for the first Ayahuasca ceremony, and a pre-ceremonial meeting to explain protocol, answer questions and prepare participants. *Local community members may participate in the Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Please remember that aside from the shaman of this tribe we are having our ceremonies facilitated by our own 2 master shaman, a male and a female who lineage and connection to the plant is ancient and their power is legendary. I Have personally experienced Noe the male shaman but not Sylvia, his wife . Noe was responsible for my own incredible healing and transformation, which is why I want you all so prepared and open to what he and his wife can do for you.

We have invested in bringing  both of them with us for a reason!

July 13 Day 7

In the morning after breakfast, we will have an integration circle where we can share and help process our experience of the previous night. Most of this day is set aside for rest , documentation and integration of the ceremonial experience. There will be time for an optional plant bath or plant-based steam bath. In the afternoon we will do another “storytelling time” with our hosts and learn more about the history of the Harakbut people. Marc and myself will also spend time with you as a group and individually after every session and, at any point in between to help you understand and process what you have been shown.

July 14 Day 8

On day four we spend the morning on a slow immersive guided walk through the forest to test and expand our newly acquired skills in direct communication with the plant world. Participants learn about the local medicinal plants, through direct lessons in ethnobotany. The afternoon is free for rest and preparation for our second Ayahuasca ceremony.

July 15 Day 9

In the morning we will have another integration circle where we can share and process our experience of the previous night. In the afternoon we travel by boat to the nearby hot springs, Aguas Calientes and have a relaxing bath under the forest canopy. After dinner a talk about the current challenges of the Harakbut people and their experience with traditional plant medicine is planned.
Give your mind and body a break from Aya for today.

July 16 Day 10

Another day immersed in nature, which you will experience and feel in a different way after Aya has connected you to source in a wqay that you have not known before!
After breakfast we will head out onto the big river (Upper Madre de Dios) to the nearby confluence of the Serjali River. We walk upriver until we find a space to set up camp to swim, watch birds and other wildlife, go fishing and enjoy the beauty of the natural rainforest environment. A traditional Harakbut picnic lunch is cooked and served on the beach. This afternoon is again free for rest and preparation for our third Ayahuasca ceremony.  

July 17 Day 11

After breakfast and our post-ceremonial integration circle, we spend the rest of the day resting, integrating and spending social time with out hosts. This day is left free for participants to process the third ceremony and the retreat. We will have group and personal session as you require. You will be in a very different place with yourself by now and it can be a lot to take in.

July 18 Day 12:

Return to Cusco

After breakfast we return by boat to the community of Shintuya where our driver will pick us up, and return us to Cusco. This trip back up the Andes is another opportunity to see more plants, wildlife and stunningly beautiful landscapes. We arrive back in Cusco around 7 p.m that night, depending on road conditions

We will provide overnight accommodation and evening meal.

July 19 Day 13

Take the train to Aguas Calientes, gateway to Machu Picchu. The journey itself reveals more of the beauty of the area and there is historical commentary onboard. This trip takes a couple of hours. We have 2 nights here so when we arrive you will be free to explore the town, its vibrant market place and hot baths. (as long as they are open)

July 20 Day 14

Day in Machu Pichu, a truly incredible experience in its own right! We are exploring the possibility of getting here very early and watching either the sunrise or, the ruins reveal themselves as the early cloud lifts. We will engage a guide to show us everything and share the history, then you will have time to explore before we head back to Aguas Calientes for a last look around.

July 21 Day 15

We take the train back to Cusco and you can either leave that night or, if you prefer to leave on 22nd, accommodation will be provided for you in Cusco and we can have one last meal together and take in all we have seen and experienced.

July 22nd Day 16

Time to say goodbye! Although, for those of you who fancy an early start, around 4am, my flight to San Francisco does not leave until the evening so, I am taking the day trip to Rainbow mountain if you would like to join me.

General notes:

In Cusco, we will provide you with some of the comforts you are used to, a warm and comfortable place to sleep, eat and interact with each other, although it is recommended to withdraw from the usual focus on social media to allow you to focus more deeply on yourself and this unique experience and environment.

In the jungle there will be no hot water, no electricity and no flushing toilets.

This itinerary has been planned as a unique travelling and healing experience. It unfolds within the natural and cultural environment of an Amazonian indigenous people, the Harakbut (Wachiperi and Amarakaeri subgroups). It is as much a trip for holistic cleansing, healing and learning about ourselves as it is for learning about and from this unique rainforest culture and the natural mountain rainforest environment. All of which you will perceive and connect to in a different way, following your ayahuasca experiences.

Lodging in the jungle:

On our first and second day, we will interact with members of the Native Wachiperi community of Queros, and stay at the community lodge which features double rooms, flush toilets and cold showers.

Our other hosts are Shintuya community members and will provide basic lodging (double cabins with beds and mosquito netting). There are no flush toilets but latrines are located near the cabins and near the ceremonial space. River baths or cold showers are available as well. Our hosts cook the meals using their own produce (bananas, plantains, papaya, manioc and other rainforest crops) and river fish as much as possible, supplemented with freash vegetable from Cusco as required.

Among these people and their unique environment, time and reality have a different meaning to them so [please bring  a high degree of openness, respect and interest in local Amazonian culture and traditions.  

Weather: Bring a variety of clothing, in a way that is easy to transport. We will try to arrange storage at our initial accommodation if you have things that you do not want to take to the jungle.

Cusco, is never very warm! Max about 19/20 c through the day and much colder at night, maybe dropping to zero, so warm clothing is a must!

The jungle, by contract will be warm and humid! Breathable clothing is ideal as you will want long trousers and sleeves despite the humidity due to the mosquitos.

Recommended items to bring:

– Bathing suit
– Towel
– Biodegradable soap
– Insect repellent (Deet based – natural ones are preferred but may not be as effective)
– Sunglasses
– Cap or hat for sun protection
– Sunblock
– Light, loose-fitting cotton clothing (long pants/long sleeves)
– Rain poncho/jacket
– Dry bag for clothes/electronics.
– Sandals
– Hiking shoes
– Rubber boots (they make a great gift after use…)
– Flashlight and spare batteries
– External battery pack – there is no electricity for recharging cameras or phones
– Camera
– Binoculars
– Notebook and pens
– Pictures and stories to tell from home
– Bedding is provided but, you might prefer to bring your own sleeping bag or even just a liner
-Sanitary requirements, like wipes are something I never travel without!

Little gift items like additional fruit and vegetables, or school supplies for the community are optional but always appreciated.

What did I miss?

What are your questions?

Dieter info to follow! This email is already an information overload.
Want to book a place or ask more questions?

If you would like to speak to me to clarify anything book into my calendar by clicking this link  Just put in the booking notes that it is ref Ayahuasca, or whatssap me +61 0434 075459 

I look forward to meeting you!

All of my work with Ayahuasca is carried out in collaboration with Indigenous Communities, in a way that supports and respects their knowledge and wisdom, and also their ancient tribal rituals and practices.

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