6 Week Total Mind and Body Transformation – Weight Control Programme

$ 1,500.00



Join Sarah Griffiths for a 6 week Total Transformation workshop…where you will find everything you need to help your weight control issues!

Everything you need to know about this unique and transformational
6 week programme….

What do my clients say?

Kelly Walker

“I have been working on weight and food issues for decades. After being stuck at the halfway point to my goal for a frustratingly long time, I met Sarah. In only one session with her, a very deep issue with my body came up that I had never recognized before and Sarah guided me through it with love and insight. Not only has my weight started progressing towards my goal again, my turbulent relationship with one of my parents has completely healed. Hatred and betrayal so deep I couldn’t even see it before is now gone and my old compulsion to eat until I am in physical pain has vanished. All in one session. I am incredibly grateful for Sarah and to be back on the path to reaching my healthiest weight.”

You are investing in yourself and I want to make sure it is everything it should be, and more!

Firstly, my personal promise to you.

I will personally be with you every step of the way!
I am passionate about your results and will give you everything I can to ensure that you get them.
I am giving you far more of my time, knowledge and experience than you would expect for this price.

My whole intention is to give you something new, information you have not heard before, A whole weight control teaching,  mentoring and mindset training and an overall experience at the highest level, delivered personally by me.
This is about you and for you.
You will have made changes to last a lifetime!
Week by week breakdown. 
PRE course: A breakthrough before we even start!

Even before we start you will get your free 30 minute consult with me to answer any questions and get you started.
I do this with all client to make sure the programme is right for you and you are right for the programme.
You will get a free relaxation audio, plus a copy of my book “The unlikely 7 figure entrepreneur” My own story of how I uncovered and removed the limiting beliefs that had me stuck.

Week 1. Your private RTT session either delivered or reviewed. 
Uncovers and removes your food addictions and unhelpful associations
Sets you up for success,
Fills you with self belief and self confidence,
An overwhelming desire to and belief that you can succeed.

The really exciting part, your transformation really begins here; your 90-120 minute RTT session with me!
An amazing and unique experience as we use the power of hypnotherapy to kick start you weight control and transformation journey.
You will use your own mind to uncover, and remove the beliefs and experiences around food that have created your addictions and have you stuck!
Everything you need is already within you, I am just your guide.
I will draw out of you everything you need. We will unpack everything together and I will work with you to help you assimilate your realisations and totally change yourself in a positive way so you can be, do and have everything you want and deserve!

Especially that all elusive weight control.

Before you ask…. no, it is not possible for me, in hypnosis to give you thoughts you do not agree with!
Your mind would immediately react to protect you and will reject anything that is against you values or what you want for your life.
I will answer all of your questions around that in our consult.
I will teach you all about how your mind works and how to use it to your advantage as part of the programme! How cool is that?
By the time I have finished you will know how your mind works, why it acts as it does and you will be able to literally collaborate with it to get it to work for you and not against you.
Summary Weeks 2-6:

The weekly sessions will then be group sessions. Group sessions are fantastic for transformation as everyone encourages and learns from everyone else.
Everyone is working towards a common goal and this creates excitement as the wins and realisations are shared. As you experience each others shifts and transformations and use those learnings to create your own. It develops a real sense of partnership, collaboration and connection. It creates some accountability.

Every week there will be group training with Q & A, follow up, implementation and support I am going to be with you every step of the way.
You will have a private, members only facebook group to ask me anything you want.
You will never feel as if you are doing this alone or that you have to wait to get the clarification and support you need.
I will constantly be in that group, training, advising and answering your questions
Each weekly group session will also include a relaxation plus a full hypnosis session to guide you through our learnings and help you take them on board and make them a part of your life.
Understanding is power and understanding in hypnosis is the greatest understanding and power of all!

These will be an essential part of taking everything you learn and really assimilating it into your lifestyle.
Changing your thoughts, habits and behaviours to create a healthier, fitter, leaner you in both body and mind.

I think that really is everything you need to know about the programme so, from here what you need to do to secure your place is either book straight into the programme here or book into a 30 minute call with me to answer any questions that you still might have.

If you need me to break it down into greater detail here it is, week by week if not just go ahead and book in for the programme or your consult with me, I will personally tell you anything you need to know and answer all of your questions.
You will not be disappointed.

Remember that through out the whole programme weight control self- confidence and wellness is our aim and focus.

Week 2. Weight Control:
This is not about massive weight loss fast, it is about working with whatever we uncover in your RTT session to totally change your thoughts and habits around food. Removing the old stories that do not serve you.  Breaking any unhealthy addictions . You will have your unique ones but the group will have common ones. In a powerful group hypnosis we will deal with them all.
Plus a guest expert to talk about healthy eating and nutrition.
I will help you create your own plan of action based on your unique and individual requirements.

Week 3. Weight control and Mindset:
Essential to your success, something we need to focus on and ensure that before we move onto other things you are now wired for success.
Your private RTT session will have given you a huge shift and given you a good start and here we will reinforce that.
There are recognised principals for success and we will explore and instil them here.

Identify your own possible stumbling blocks and help you overcome them.
Week 4. Weight control Self confidence and self esteem:
Learning to love yourself and understanding why you might not. This is essential because sustained weight reduction, is a lifestyle! It is all about you looking after yourself, caring for yourself, and nurturing your emotional and physical well-being. You are not going to do that if you do not like yourself. I am going to teach you to love yourself! Fill you with self confidence and self esteem so you can be, do and have everything you dream of. Your own negative self talk will be a thing of the past and the negativity of others will be totally irrelevant to you, you will be unaffected by it.

Guest expert on elevating how you see and treat yourself.

Week 5. Collaborate with your mind for weight control success:
You will learn how your mind works! How to identify the thoughts and behaviours that are simply learned, they are not even yours you have just adopted them and never even questioned if they serve you.   When you understand how your mind works so many things will become clear to you and you will be able to use your mind for you and not against you, in a way that serves and supports you and does not block you or keep you stuck. This is different to mindset, it is the main rules of how your mind works and once you understand that you can achieve literally anything!
Literally collaborate with your mind to achieve anything!

This in itself is such a powerful skill, collaborating with your mind will set you up for ongoing success.

Week 6. Weight control and an abundance mindset:
Now that you understand how to collaborate with your mind, how to focus on, generate and create success in your life, you are ready for Abundance!
This is all about the abundance of you! ( image of something flowing, a lovely waterfall?)
People make the mistake of thinking that an abundance mindset is all about money, a focus on wealth and having more and more, in fact the exact opposite is true!  Yes, of course it includes generating enough money to meet your needs to remove stress, so you can be content and comfortable but abundance is about so much more and it starts with your view of yourself and you being content with who you are.
Then it spreads out into your health, wealth and happiness.
Then it reaches out into all areas of your life.
This is where we will visualise your ideal life.
Where are you now as opposed to where you want to get to?
What steps do you need to take to get there and what or who might hold you back and how to overcome that.
How to take responsibility for where you are now and for where you want to get to.
This is going to be amazing as we use hypnosis to create a vivid picture for you of the life you want so you can use your mind to help you get it.

Guest expert training
Look at how far you have come, everything you have learnt and all that you are now going to do.
How to consistently take action towards your goal
Know your own value and worth and set your goals accordingly!
Leave this session with a 60-90 day action plan to sustain the lighter, fitter, healthier you.

As you can see, we will cover a lot and this is why your shifts will be so significant, don’t do this programme with me unless you are looking for change and challenge!

You will be able to access everything  during and after the course in the FB group so, if you miss a week for whatever reason it does not matter.
All of the information will be there for you whenever you can get to it. ( image of FB group, million dollar mind tribe clients)
I called it the million dollar mind tribe because by the time I have finished you will know your own value and treat yourself accordingly.
To support you throughout  I will be in the private facebook group, set up just for this programme and you will be able to access me on there as you need.

In the group I will be doing live videos and posting bonus material and information to support you further depending on what you require from the sessions. You will also have my personal email address to get that 1 on 1 email  support if you need it!
The one just for clients to contact me directly

Hopefully I have excited you enough to book in for this amazing, life changing programme which you can do here, the link is below. This is the first time I have offered it in such a comprehensive and complete package and spaces will be limited!
If you have questions you can always book a FREE 30min chat with me here!

It is definitely the only time I will be ever offering it at this ridiculously low price $1500 (USD).


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