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When it comes to healing from past trauma, there is no doubt that many suffer daily.  Ayahuasca is a serious medicine, not to be messed with on a whim, it requires preparation and should be administered and followed up in a safe container.

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A total immersion in Ayahuasca, hypnotherapy and coaching designed to bring about significant shifts and transformations in your life as you release and heal from whatever has been affecting you and holding you back in all areas of your life.

Whilst it is two weeks on location, our retreats are actually a comprehensive submersion in learning and healing.

4 weeks prep, prior to the retreat.

2 x hypnotherapy sessions to uncover, understand, gain clarity and focus on your intentions. Expect to make significant shifts with this component before you even arrive.

Supported by 2 x coaching/therapy sessions.

16 days on location with our full support and a total immersion in ayahuasca as we sit 4 ceremonies and combine them with extensive support, integration and shamanic healing practices, along with other plant medicines as required/desired.

4 weeks integration support including all of the above.

Plus, access to a 10 week group programme to further support your healing and exploration of and relationship with yourself.

It is easy to break this down into what we will do each day and where we will be but, the most important consideration is that this totally bespoke and unique experience is designed to immerse you in a spiritual and healing experience like no other and we do expect it to be life changing for you in a very positive way and everything has been done with that focus.

All we care about is your result, your healing and will do everything possible to ensure that is what you receive.

  • Day 1 (2 Oct) –  Arrive Puerto Maldonado, river boat to Sipapu, settle in, orientation, group work, welcome dinner.
  • Day 2 (3 Oct) –  Jungle walk, group work, 1st ayahuasca ceremony.
  • Day 3 (4 Oct) –  Integration, cayman adventure! Group work
  • Day 4 (5 Oct) –  Claylick vist, group work, 2nd Ayahuasca ceremony
  • Day 5 (6 Oct) –  Integration, visit Tres Chimbadas, rest, group work
  • Day 6 (7 Oct) – Personal development work, 3rd ayahuasca ceremony
  • Day 7 (8 Oct) – Integration, Nightime walk
  • Day 8 (9Oct) – Beach excursion, final ayahuasca ceremony.
  • Day 9  (10 Oct) – Integration, personal and group work, celebration dinner
  • Day 11 to 16 – Manu Jungle Reserve 4 days plus Machu Picchu 2 days.

As we take a leisurely drive back to Cusco you will experience some of the beauty and the wildlife that this preservation site has to offer as it is a sanctuary to birds and many types of flora and fauna, unspoilt, untouched, hidden and protected.

Our journey will take us through pristine jungle and cloud forest as we climb to over 4000m travelling through the Andes mountains, by boats, trucks, and cars.

Details are still being finalised but this will be a 3 night, 4 days adventure where we will be staying at eco resorts, starting at Boca Colorado, Tambo Blanquillo and the ascending the cloud forest to Cusco ready for our trip to famed Macchu Picchu where we have an incredible guide who we know and trust to bring this incredible step back in time alive for you as you experience the spirit of the Incas in the sacred valley.

On the journey back you will visit the largest bird clay lick in Manu, with its cast array of birds and mammals who flock here to feed and drink. Past through numerous indigenous villages and take various jungle walks, with a guide to explore and marvel at the prolific wildlife and vegetation. You should expect to see many varieties on monkeys!

Macchu Picchu speaks for itself and is not to be missed.

  • Day 14 (15 Oct) –  last leg of our journey back to Cusco, overnight stay at hotel Atlantis
  • Day 15 (16 Oct) –   Train to Aguas Calientes, gateway to Machu Pichu, overnight here.
  • Day 16 (17 Oct) –  Machu Pichu and return to Cusco, last night at Hotel Atlantis.
  • Day 17 (18 Oct) – Fly home.

This is your unique experience and we will be dedicated to making it everything that you need it to be, going above and beyond to make sure you get everything you need out of it aside from conducting the ceremonies in a safe environment the INTEGRATION is a key element of you benefitting to the max from this experience.

The price is totally inclusive of coaching and support, hypnotherapy, prep and integration. Our services for the entire 10 week programme.

Aside from your flights and transfer to and from the airport, we will take care of all transport and food except 2 evening meals and breakfasts when we will be travelling  to and from Machu Picchu and eating out will be necessary (food out is very inexpensive)

Excursions – In Cusco and Aguas Calientes are optional so entrance fees are not included but, entrance to Machu Pichu is!

4 x Ayahuasca ceremonies, conducted by a Shaman of 42 years standing and experience, a TAITA (master or father) and his wife, both reknowned and sought after for their skill and both well known to and trusted by us

Numbers will be small, no more than 8 as we want to be able to give you very focused attention.

My own experience of Ayahuasca is that she is a powerful friend and ali!
Take her seriously and she will reveal things to you beyond what you can imagine, things about yourself, your behaviour, attitudes and beliefs to help you blast away any and all blocks, preventing you from healing and becoming the very best version
of yourself.

There is no doubt that the combination of Ayahuasca and hypnotherapy has totally transformed my life and who I am.

As we work through our prep, we will share with the group our own Ayahuasca experiences and the significant impact that they have had on our lives.

The last one I attended was very basic and cost $3K and offered far less than I am including here. With that in mind, I want to keep it realistic but to make it as affordable as I can so have decided to price it at $5K (USD) all in, but there is a $1000 discount if you book as a couple (Use coupon code Couple Peruon checkout) you just have to pay extra for your flights and transport to and from the airport.

If you would like to speak to me to clarify anything book into my calendar below or whatssap me +61 0434 075459 or just put in the booking notes that it is ref Ayahuasca.

I look forward to delivering this retreat for you and furthering your growth and healing journey.
If it is easier for you, feel free to email me with any simple questions you might have at



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