Emotional Group Transformation Experience




Programme Includes:

Week 1 – Preparation

  • Complete forms, questionnaire to make it personal.
  • How do you want things to change?
  • What will life look like?
  • How would you like to think and feel?
    What will change for you?
    How will you treat yourself others?
  • Pre session hypnosis
  • What to expect in the session
  • Access to the group, modules and training


Week 2

  • 30 minute consult/intake
  • Private RTT session
  • Bespoke recording
  • 30 minute coaching follow up


Week 3

  • 120 minute workshop and Q & A on all of my video topics
  • Not feeling enough, unworthy unloveable, unworthy, undeserving, blame guilt
    plus group hypnosis on a common topic.


Week 4

Healing the inner child, all the praise, changing your thoughts, letting go of your beliefs.


Week 5

Dialogue with the hurter, healing vortex


Week 6 – 120 minute session

  • That’s not me, anxiety, answer the questions, Ideal life, values, goals, abundance
  • High value, self care, for those of you who want to carry on, mentoring.

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