The Unlikely 7 Figure Entrepreneur





SARAH GRIFFITHS is a multi-award nominated, 7-figure serial entrepreneur, who uses her extensive experience in the area of peak performance, leading with emotional intelligence to help corporate executives and SME companies grow and scale their businesses.

Following a stellar career in the corporate sector, she actively runs three profitable companies. She runs two restaurants and a coaching business to help others overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve their true potential, just as she has done.

She attributes her continued success and growth to her commit‐ment to on-going studies to promote extensive personal growth and mind-set development. This is then reflected in her businesses, by

expansion and leadership development, along with an enhanced ability to help her clients with their own growth journey.

As a conscious business owner and leader, she is actively involved in training in the following: Leadership with emotional intelligence, self-awareness and team players, peak performance strategies, finan‐cial management, mind-set for success, personal development, NLP and RTT.

To help her clients get results faster, she is currently training as an RTT therapist. It is a specialist and cutting-edge therapy to get rapid results in mind-set matters and overcoming limiting beliefs, which she has discovered are the major blocks to real growth and success in all areas of life.

Sarah realised that she can help and impact more people by public speaking and media and is regularly featured by various podcasters, radio, newspapers and other media outlets.

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