Raising Your Vibration with Taryn Claire Le Nu

Taryn Claire is an Author, Speaker, Breast Cancer Survivor&Thriver, she lives life with Lymphoedema, is a Gratitude Junkie, Rawfood Chef, Urban Farmer, Beekeeper, Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master and Spiritual Mentor. Taryn mixes this all up with Disc Profiling, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy. 

She loves taking people from Spiritual Non-Believers&Newbies to Know-It-All’s and having ACTUAL Conversations with Spirit. 


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About Taryn Claire Le Nu

Studying a business degree when she met her Beloved, a man of Science, she was completely straighty 180 and didn’t believe in any of the weirdo woo-woo stuff.

That was till a Candid Conversation with her grandmother, who was the closest person she knew to a Life Expiry Date, making a deal with her to come back and let me know IF there was anything more out there AFTER life.

SIX months later on Christmas Day 2002 her son was diagnosed with cancer AND her grandmother passed away … and then some really weird shit started happening after that!

She really got to Hear, See and Smell spirit and know without doubt that there is SO Much MORE.

Taryn Claire is passionate about helping people to Raise their Vibration so they can deal with Grief, Shock and Trauma when it inevitably comes along, especially with my experience of being the 1 in 7 women diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia each year.

She believes having a strong Spirit Relationship translates into greater Resilience&Flexibility in life.

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