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Past Retreats...

In 2021 I arranged 3 ayahuasca retreats in S America and EVERYONE who attended experienced life changing shifts, that have been integrated into their daily lives.

I love the continuing stories of how my clients who totally trusted me, continue to experience shifts and changes beyond what they could have imagined.

Just yesterday this text popped into my inbox from one attendee

“Thank you for everything you do, I am so grateful for you”

The combination of hypnotherapy and ayahuasca has been transformational for myself and my clients so, it is with great excitement that I am offering this retreat in 2022.

Peru Retreat 2022 May 25th - 10th June
(plus an optional 3 days for Macchu Pichu)
Ayahuasca and Masterplant Dieta

A fully immersive journey of a 15-day Master Plant Dieta in the Amazon Jungle with the guidance and protection of the Shipibo-Konibo Healers, Including up to 5 Ayahuasca journeys and other shamanic experiences

Part of a 14 week transformation experience.

A deep dive into healing and transformation.

Where you will have all of my skills and gifts as a hypnotherapist and healer to help you prep, receive the healing you need and then integrate what you have learnt.

There is absolutely no doubt, from my experiences in 2021 and those of my clients that the combination of ayahuasca and hypnotherapy  is:

“ A Dynamite combination to bring about healing and connection to your true self”

Just Pay $500 deposit now to secure your place.

When it comes to healing from past trauma, there is no doubt that hypnotherapy combined with Ayahuasca, is a dynamite combination! Literally blasting through the blocks and barriers. But, it is a serious medicine, not to be messed with on a whim, it requires preparation and should be administered and followed up in a safe container.

Ayahauasca is a whole experience involving the administration of the medicine, preparation, follow up and integration with support at the highest level, every step of the way to ensure that you get the very best and every possible benefit from the investment.

It is important to note that both Ayahuasca and Hypnotherapy  are very separate components of the retreat. They are used days and weeks apart from each other, never combined in the same session.

RTT itself a very specific form of hypnotherapeutic process and is in no way associated with used or applied at any time, from prep to integration during the ayahuasca and hypnotherapy retreat. They are entirely separate elements of this business.

If you would like to speak to me to clarify anything book into my calendar by clicking this link  Just put in the booking notes that it is ref Ayahuasca, or whatssap me +61 0434 075459 

I look forward to meeting you!


All of my work with Ayahuasca is carried out in collaboration with Indigenous Communities, in a way that supports and respects their knowledge and wisdom, and also their ancient tribal rituals and practices.

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