Breathwork Masterclass with Adele van der Lecq

About Adele and this workshop

Adele is a certified trauma-informed coach and breathwork facilitator. She helps individuals understand trauma, gain self-awareness, embrace their truth, and reach their greatest potential. In trauma, the past and future can evoke the same stress and anxiety responses. Therefore, Adele incorporates healing modalities that help her clients connect with the “here and now” so that they may engage and enjoy their life as it happens, and not as it was or what it may be. 

The type of breathwork Adele is trained in is a powerful healing modality. It combines deep rhythmic breathing with contemporary, upbeat music and verbal cues, to create a healing experience many say is unlike anything they’ve ever felt. It’s an opportunity to get out of your head and release all of your heavy emotions, and drop into your heart and feel connected to yourself again. 

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