Smiling through Trauma with Anne Miles

How does a single mother of two children get through the aftermath of domestic abuse, raising children with special needs, workplace abuse and discrimination, financial hardships and chronic health issues and still remain centered and able to keep smiling?

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Anne Miles’ secrets are revealed in this thought provoking and even challenging new book called From The Chaos – Insights for Life’s Difficult Moments. The book was inspired by the author’s own journey through personal hell upon hell and reveals the big life lessons she has learned along the way to build a life to make the most of her situation. Miles challenges the very fabric of our society and how we judge each other and measure our successes. Miles claims we can manufacturer happiness even amongst our worst personal crisis’s. Miles shares openly her vulnerabilities and failings, and is refreshingly honest, as she bares it all.

Miles lives as an independent and self-sufficient woman and mother by applying these

learnings into her life, and now shares exactly how she makes the best of things despite the fact that many problems will never go away.

The book “From the Chaos” by Anne Miles is shaking the foundations of everything we know to be right and wrong in relationships, in how we see others around us, and the conventions of our society. The two biggest outtakes of the book are to make the best of what you have, and to even have a hard look at getting over our first world problems!

This book is the work of Miles and her teenage children with illustrations by her eldest son at 14 years old. Despite the childlike feel about it, it is not for the feint-hearted – trigger warnings included. This little book packs a big punch and challenges us with some deep thinking and the big questions about who we are, what we stand for and what kind of future do we want for ourselves.

“I think we are making a lot of mistakes as a society. Not all of us want to be dutiful housewives tending to our husband’s every need on his terms, nor are a lot of men feeling they can ever meet invisible expectations from their wives. We have a lot of loveless and sexless marriages and these pressures just exacerbate abuse out there, and something has to change”.

Miles is also a change-maker in taking stereotypes out of our media and marketing and thinks that much of the responsibility for our relationship problems and domestic violence lies with our advertising, journalism and the systems that govern them. “The media and marketing industry think that their job is to reflect the thoughts and behaviour of the general public, but when we have unconscious bias in the way we’re simply perpetuating it”. 

The book From The Chaos doesn’t directly deal with the media, but unearths the root of our broken thinking that perpetuates stereotypes in society. Miles claims stereotyping limits women, men and those of all genders from living the life they need and deserve to. She says, “The stereotypes we’ve been brought up with simply put unrealistic expectations and demands on us and give abusers permission to treat us badly”.

Miles is self-publishing in order to raise funds for charity projects including those who are suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and finding the clinical system failing them.

Having experienced and overcome PTSD herself, outside the clinical system, Miles is passionate that the conventional mental health system is failing society and believes it is far too easy to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Miles believes the current system is taking away our personal responsibility for our mental health and believes we are overly medicating and don’t realize there are other alternatives available to us. Miles likens our mental health to diabetes with two types – one we can’t do anything about except take insulin, and the other which is lifestyle related and self-inflicted.

Anne Miles is also available for speaking and training on harmful stereotyping, and generally about making the most of the life we have been dealt.

The book is available at

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