Sarah Griffiths interviews Brooke Shields

Sarah Griffiths interviewing Hollywood Star, Brooke Shields in Los Angeles 2018


Abuse & Trauma Therapist

Helping you Heal and Thrive after Sexual Abuse…

Sarah is an Award Nominated business woman. Sarah has previously established several businesses, but her latest venture Sallyg.com is her passion.

The trauma work that Sarah does is not just something that she has learnt, it’s based on her own experiences and long and painful healing journey.

Now she draws on that along with her professional training to help make the journey of others much smoother and shorter.


For many years Sarah battled her extreme insecurities and lack of self-confidence. Seeming high functioning and successful on the outside, inside she was slowly unravelling. At the age of 45, caught up in a narcissistic marriage and unable to reconcile her past and how it left her feeling about herself, she almost committed suicide, but was saved by a split second realisation. 

Following an incredible realisation about her true self, in an effort to help herself heal, she started her first business. A few years later this led to another, and as she progressed on her healing journey within a few years she had people asking her to coach and mentor them. From this work she realised that many, many people just like her were held back in key areas of their lives and she looked for a faster way to help them heal.

This led to her training as an RTT therapist, specialising in Trauma and Abuse, and developing her own signature system and methodology to help people rapidly heal from the debilitating affects of past abuse.

Signature System: CPTSD FREE in 12 WEEKS


  • A compelling personal story of overcoming past abuse.
  • The insights of a gifted and intuitive hypnotherapist.
  • A thorough understanding of the role of the sub-conscious mind.
  • An alternative viewpoint on the treatment of all mental health issues.
  • Experience of helping hundreds of people effectively heal using her unique holistic approach.
  • First hand experience of narcissistic relationships.
  • In addition she is an accomplished business woman, leader and entrepreneur.
  • As desire to see dramatic change in health systems worldwide.
Sarah Griffiths with JT Fox

Speaking to 2000 people at MegaBusiness,S. Africa with JT Foxx. June 2018


Healing from Abuse and Trauma…You can thrive after abuse.

The 5 beliefs you must shift to heal from CPTSD…  Why signature system. 

Transformation…Your internal transformation equals your external success. 

Your mind matters…Mind set and motivation NLP and RTT

Your addiction and YOU…Getting to the root of what controls you.

The True impact of Childhood abuse… How it affects you adult life.

Sarah Griffiths interviews Brooke Shields

Discussing getting the right help at the right time with Brook Shields in an interview, November 2018.

Both Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen were great interviewees, with so much wisdom to share about taking responsibility and turning your life around after addiction.

“Sarah Griffiths, it is an honour to be your publisher and see you soar on stage. I knew from the moment we connected that you were destined for greatness and would share your story on the global speakers circuit”

Nella Chikwe, Winston-Cartier Publishing

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