Sarah Griffiths interviewing Hollywood Star, Brooke Shields in Los Angeles 2018 – Click the picture to see the full interview…


Sexual Abuse Trauma Expert

Helping you Heal and Thrive after Sexual Abuse…

As an Award Nominated business woman, Sarah has established and currently runs, three successful businesses.

After more than 20 years in a corporate environment growing teams and businesses for others Sarah decided at the age of 45 that she was wasting her wealth of skills and experience on working for others and it was time to work for herself. She successfully applied her business and people skills to start and grow two successful restaurants. As people started to notice her success then began to approach her for assistance with their own businesses and personal goals, so she established her third company Sallyg.com to help more entrepreneurs like her, achieve financial success and independence.

Working as a coach she quickly sought ways to get her clients extraordinary results fast and she now focuses on RTT, Rapid Transformation Therapy with hypnosis to bring about change in some of the most challenging situations including, amongst others: Addiction, Depression, Anxiety and weight control. She is intuitive, gifted and passionate about all areas of her work.

In October 2019 Sarah published a book, “The Unlikely 7 Figure Entrepreneur” telling her own story of how she overcame her own childhood traumas to achieve success. In the book she draws on her own experiences to clearly show we are all a product of our past experiences, learned beliefs and behaviours. Her current work is based firmly on the basis that “Every emotional issue has a solution” and the way forward is to “Change yourself, change your beliefs, change your life”


  • Sarah is a gifted and intuitive hypnotherapist.
  • Sexual abuse trauma expert.
  • Sarah has three thriving businesses.
  • Sarah is an award nominated  businesswoman.
  • Sarah is an accomplished business leader and Entrepreneur.
  • Sarah creates strategies for success.
  • Sarah is open and authentic and inspires others.
Sarah Griffiths with JT Fox

Speaking to 2000 people at MegaBusiness,S. Africa with JT Foxx. June 2018


Healing from Sexual Abuse Trauma…You can live life after abuse.

Becoming the real you…Who people say you are, does not define you.

Transformation…Change yourself, change your beliefs, change your life…

Your mind matters…Mind set and motivationNLP and RTT

Your addiction and YOU…Getting to the root of what controls you.

Sarah Griffiths interviews Brooke Shields

Discussing getting the right help at the right time with Brook Shieldsin an interview, November 2018.

Both Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen were great interviewees, with so much wisdom to share about taking responsibility and turning your life around after addiction.

“Sarah Griffiths, it is an honour to be your publisher and see you soar on stage. I knew from the moment we connected that you were destined for greatness and would share your story on the global speakers circuit”

Nella Chikwe, Winston-Cartier Publishing

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