The $20 Ripple Effect

It would be impossible to say where this started, this anecdote that I am about to share. I cannot even say for certain when I was picked up in its energy and vibration. It is true that the last few weeks I have been paying a lot of attention to the concept of having a business that gives back. What is the most effective way to do that and how do I influence others to adopt that ethos, not just in business but, as people. How do we adopt an attitude of “what can I give?” rather than “what can I get?” Did my energy attract the outer edge of this ripple and draw it towards me? or has it been drawing me in, in infinite ways. Shaping who and what I am, my thoughts and the actions I take.
I can only report on what I know, what happened this morning and changed an ordinary Sunday morning into a particularly sunny one!
I was up very early, I couldn’t sleep.The river, from my balcony here in East Perth looked particularly inviting in the early morning sun so, I went out for a walk with my dog, while the rest of the house was still sleeping. There is a strange irony to this scenario that my physical part in it started in my beautiful apartment overlooking the park, where the homeless sleep in the pavillion, on my doorstep. It is an uncomfortable irony for me, even though the part I played was a positive one.
I was walking by the river, generally admiring the beauty of the area and enjoying the peace and calm of a traffic free early Sunday morning when a dishevelled man came up to me and gave me $20! He looked as if he could do with the money himself and, I tried to hand it back but, he rapidly explained that someone had given it to him  and that, in fact he did not need it and would prefer it to go to someone who did. Before I could feel offended ( I did not look that bad!) he explained that he wanted it to go to someone in the area, where it had been given but, he, himself was waiting for a lift to go somewhere else and had no time to find someone to give it to, so, he gave it to me and asked me to find someone. I assured him that I would.
Living in the area I am very familiar with the favoured hangouts of the homeless as most days I buy one of them a coffee or take them some food. I thought it was interesting how the $20 had ended up with me, I was in the right spot at the right time, the very person who would definitely do the right thing with this $20. I ran the scenario in my head, imagine if I had come out earlier, or later ? But, here I was! riding the wave of this ripple.
About 200m further on is a bridge and some of the homeless have built a makeshift camp there. It is non of my business if they take drugs or drink but, actually, there is no sign of that in this camp. Piles of clean blankets and people living as best they can with next to nothing. It is a travesty in a country of wealth and opportunity that anyone exists like this. It is not for me to decide how they should live or what they should spend the money on. The $20 was destined for them and I made sure it got there. I was caught in the current and played my part.
As far as I could see there was no one there so, I left the $20 anchored in their trolley of food. I was humbled by that trolley of food containing, amongst other things a couple of cooked chickens. Dismayed to think that it had been a very warm night and if we had accidentally left a chicken out overnight I would be throwing it away, not even giving it to the dog, on the premise that it might be off after a night in the almost tropical air. The warm, spoiled chicken would undoubtedly be breakfast for these unfortunates.
As it is, they will either wake up to, or come back to $20 and the ripple will continue. The only thing that is absolutely certain is that they will take, as yet unknown action because they have $20 they did not have before and the ripple effect will continue in an ever expanding circle. We have no way of knowing what it will be we just know that as long as there is time, the ripple cannot end.
In my imagination they do at least buy breakfast and not be forced to feast on the festering  chicken!

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