Welcome to The Rose – A community of support and healing the home of

After everything that you have already tried, you have finally found a place where you can heal from the impact of your toxic childhood. A new and rapidly expanding community where I know you will find the warmth, connection, acceptance, understanding and most of all the healing and growth that you have probably been seeking for a very long time, maybe all your life. 

This community is unique and unlike any other. A space where you will be held, seen, heard and understood, feel safe and accepted and know beyond any doubt that you are not alone. It is totally inclusive , without judgement or criticism and everyone in it is on a healing journey of some kind and you are very welcome.

“The Rose, uncurls its petals one by one and turns to face the sun.
Peels back all of its layers and proudly announces,
look what I have become.”

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The Rose is a totally unique membership and community, there is no other space like it...

It has been specifically designed to bring together those who are looking for answers as they struggle to understand and heal from the trauma of childhood abuse and the way it now affects them in their adult lives. 

The trauma of childhood abuse is not widely understood in the mental health profession and many therapists, psychologists and counsellors are not trauma in formed so many people receive woefully inadequate (if any) support and treatment which leaves them suffering their whole lives. 

The Rose has been launched as a community which specialises in bringing that healing in a safe and trauma informed way to those who so desperately need it, even when nothing else has worked. It is a truly unique and special place where all of the focus is on healing and using a proven methodology and roadmap to help people shift from surviving to thriving as they peel away the layers, connect with who they really are and learn to live the life that they really want and truly deserve.

About Me: My skill and gift is your answer.

I am sure that rather than, who am I, your interest has to be in what I can do for you. I have created this community to heal 000s of people! because my work changes the lives of those who are suffering from the impact of childhood abuse and the results my clients achieve are transformational so yes, it is worth you reading on.

My name is Sarah Griffiths, I live in beautiful Western Australia but , I love to travel and have set my work up in a way that allows me to do that.
As a clinical hypnotherapist I specialise in trauma and abuse and over the past few years I have helped 100s of people from all walks of life in various situations and circumstances recover from the impact of childhood abuse, even when nothing else has worked for them.

It is all of that experience, knowledge and professional training, plus my own personal healing journey and experiences that I have poured into creating ‘The Rose” so that more people can benefit from the knowledge and unique perspective that I have to share. The results I help my clients achieve do not come just from my professional training and skill but, I also have a gift. An ability to tap into and KNOW on a deeper level how to guide someone to the answers and the healing they are seeking with huge shifts often being achieved just in the first session. This defies the western medical approach to mental health and yet, this is what my clients experience almost without fail.

It is this gift that I have chosen to share in “The Rose”

Why? because too many people are suffering needlessly for years and years. There is no need for it and in this community I am going to share what I know and the methodology I have created and show you the pathway to healing. I have literally created a blueprint and The Rose is my platform to share it with many rather than just a few.

Who is it for?

I honestly believe that there is virtually no one that would not benefit from being part of this community but, it is mostly likely to appeal to and benefit you, if you can relate to any or even many of the following:

  • Know or suspect that you have unhealed childhood trauma
  • Know that you suffered some kind of abuse as a child
  • Are suffering from common mental health issues, anxiety and depression
  • Do not think that you are enough
  • Do not accept and love yourself
  • Struggle with your self worth
  • Have low self confidence and self belief
  • Are repeating negative patterns
  • Are in a controlling or narcissistic relationship
  • Are in any kind of abusive situation
  • Fear that you yourself have narcissistic tendancies
  • Have negative or limiting beliefs
  • Are surrounded by toxic people
  • Have gut and autoimmune diseases
  • Have unexplained pains, skin diseases and major illnesses
  • Feel rejected and as if you cannot connect
  • Think that you are somehow bad or faulty
  • Feel guilt or shame related to the past
  • Suffer from addiction
  • Fear abandonment
  • Feel stuck and unable to move forward
  • Do not trust yourself or others
  • Struggle to experience joy or happiness
  • Feel responsible for the happiness of others
  • Fear being seen or heard
  • Are unable to launch or grow your business
  • Cannot move forward in your careers
  • Delay or procrastinate
  • Dissociate or avoid
  • Are easily overwhelmed
  • Are unable to control your emotions
  • Are full of fear, anger, resentment and grief
  • Are in a co-dependant relationship
  • Are volatile and unable to control your reactions
  • Have given up and feel that there is no hope
  • Have negative money beliefs

This is not an exhaustive list by any means but, these are the most common experiences of those who have suffered childhood abuse and maybe continue to experience abuse in their adult lives. If you can relate to any of the above then “the Rose’ is the right community for you

How will “The Rose” help you?

The Rose membership platform and community has been created, very specifically as a space where I share literally all my knowledge and resources, previously only available to my Private 1:1 clients, at a cost of $000s. 

The reason my work is so effective and my clients achieve such dramatic results is because I have developed a very specific methodology

“Total Transformation Technique”® 

which uses deep relaxation techniques, meditations and hypnotherapy to rapidly uncover the hidden limiting beliefs and wounds created in childhood, allowing you to quickly understand and heal from them, literally collapsing the timelines of growth and healing.

You will have access to a large collection of resources that will be continuously added to in the form of: Core Courses: Yes! I really am giving you access to my core courses usually $000s!

NARS - Narcissistic Abuse Recovery System

Clients who have previously taken this program have experienced shifts and healing farbeyond what they imagined. It is extensive and transformational

$997 – Included in “The Rose” Membership

BAMMM -Business Abundance and Money Mindset Mastery

Many of the people I work with are entrepreneurs who are stuck in some way and it is ALWAYS related to unresolved childhood traumas!
This is primarily a program for entrepreneurs but, almost anyone can benefit from the concepts within it.

$997 – Included in “The Rose” Membership

What Else?

  • Miscellaneous resources that I have previously published
  • Short courses and mini series, videos and written work
  • A private community to connect and encourage and be accepted, a place to belong.
  • A space to ask questions, to be seen heard and understood
  • A monthly masterclass training and Q & A
    (The masterclass alone should cost more than the monthly membership fee!)
  • A Unique collection of meditations to rewire and reprogram the subconscious mind (I specifically wrote these for this community and they are a vital component of the work)
  • An affiliate link to earn credits towards services
    (Including your monthly membership fee!)
  • Members discount on 1:1 services and packages (extra cost applies)
  • Retreats and Live training days (extra cost applies)
  • A growing collection of products and resources as we expand
  • A true sense of community and connection, a place to belong.

$6,000 Value – all included in “The Rose” Membership

The Result...

Basically you will experience the opposite of the exhaustive list of all the symptoms we listed, related to unresolved childhood trauma!

  • You will have a safe space to interact with like minded people so you can finally grow and heal. Thoroughly understand the impact of an abusive childhood.
  • Gain deep understanding of the role of the subconscious mind (Understanding how the subconscious mind works, allows you to learn to collaborate with it and is a life-changing skill that I will teach you)
  • Access tools and resources to rewire and reprogram beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Shift your focus from fear and scarcity to love and abundance
  • Experience the peace and tranquility of knowing that you are enough.
  • Healing, growth and expansion in all areas of your life
  • Create the life and future that you truly deserve and desire
  • Be a part of and belong to a rapidly growing community of trauma informed members who are here to help each other shift from surviving to truly thriving!

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