Trauma does not have to be a life-sentence with Jas Rawlinson

Trauma does not have to be a life-sentence: Re-writing your story from surviving to thriving….

In this episode hear from Jas Rawlinson, Memoir writing coach & Best-selling Author .

Hear more incredible stories each week from women who have overcome extreme trauma in their lives, to live the life they deserve!

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About Jas

Jas Rawlinson is an Australian mental wellbeing speaker, writing coach, and best-selling author of the internationally renowned book series “Reasons to Live One More Day, Every Day”. Growing up in a small country town, Jas first fell in love with the power of literature as a young girl and would often disappear into the world of writing to escape from the family violence in her home. It was here that she made a promise to one day find a way to support other survivors and victims of domestic violence; and in 2016, she fulfilled that promise by co-founding Brisbane’s first permanent domestic violence memorial. 

Passionate about empowering others to use their past adversities as steppingstones to a brighter future, Jas is often requested to speak on social issues such as suicide prevention, mental wellbeing, domestic violence, and human trafficking. Endorsed by high-profile names including Kevin Hines, Professor Patrick McGorry, and Royal Flying Doctors QLD, she has been featured across well-known media outlets, including ABC News, Authority Magazine, House of Wellness, and Above all, Jas believes that everyone has a story with the power to change lives. 


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Jas Rawlinson
Global Mental Health Speaker
Memoir writing coach & Best-selling Author of ‘Reasons to Live: One More Day, Every Day’

Co-Founder of Brisbane’s First Domestic Violence Memorial

LinkedIn / Website / Facebook

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