Understand and overcome Anxiety

It never ceases to amaze me, the number of people that approach me about their anxiety, who have been in therapy for years and yet, have made no progress or have no real understanding of  their ANXIETY which in many cases is totally crippling their lives or holding them back from experiencing life or new opportunities.

They have no real or useful information around:
What their anxiety is about, Why they have it, How to overcome it! (The most important one!)
It really frustrates and infuriates me because there is actually such a simple process for understanding and overcoming anxiety, no one needs to live with it long term and yet millions, yes millions of people are simply medicated and not given any indication that this is not a good long term solution, it has many dangerous side affects and is totally un-necessary! And for many people it simply does not work!
It doesn’t make any sense to me because these days we have all the knowledge from neuroscience to fully understand anxiety and, therefore we also have everything we need to help people rapidly overcome it.

Yet, mainstream mental health still focuses on old methodology and many millions of people are suffering unnecessarily because they are not directed towards what could really help them and rapidly!

When I say rapidly, I mean rapidly!

Usually big shifts are experienced in just one session when I work with a client for anxiety so, why is mine  not a main stream approach?
Yes, I have developed my own methodology Total Transformation Technique but, that does not excuse not giving people vital information to assist in their understanding and therefore their recovery.
So, let me give you some basic information without overwhelming you.
Very few people are born with anxiety. There are exceptions when babies suffer womb trauma due to the violence that is going on around them. They pick up on this in the womb and some babies are born with a hyperactive fear response because of it but, this is a minority number.
So, when you hear, I was born shy, I have always been quiet, I have never expressed myself, I have always been afraid, that is not quite true!
Most of you were born instinctively knowing/expecting that you were:
LoveableWorthyHad valueWould get your needs metCould be yourself and still receive love
After all, you did not ask to be born!
You were:

  • Innocent
  • Vulnerable
  • Powerless
  • Dependant

You relied on the adults who CHOSE to have/care for you, to understand their responsibilities and to know in CHOOSING to have you that they were deciding that they could and would meet your needs and give you everything you needed  for your emotional and physical development.
Your responsibility was just to be a child, to grow and develop into the true and authentic version of yourself.You just needed:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Love
  • Appreciation
  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Space
  • Freedom

You had every right/reason to expect that those who CHOSE to have you were committing to providing you with these things.
Leaving you free, just to be able to express yourself and explore who you really are.
That is how you were born 

So, What happened to make you anxious?
Your anxiety is a reaction to your childhood experiences and your environment.
To your needs not being met and knowing as a child, that you could not meet them yourself!
This is a primal instinct, ancient DNA, linked to your survival mechanisms.
When the adults around you could not meet your needs you developed fear and that translated into a belief that you were:

  • Inadequate
  • Not enough
  • Bad
  • Faulty
  • Unloveable

Which your subconscious translated into a belief that you would be rejected and would not survive!

Your details will be different to someone else but, the impact is the same!

Anxiety is fear and it is rooted in your fear that you are not enough! Think about it, if you were absolutely certain that you were enough, for every situation, every circumstance, every person, you would have nothing to fear!

You were not born thinking that you were not enough!
It is something that you have learnt to believe. If this makes sense to you then you will be thinking,
I can see how I might have developed that belief as a child but, why do I still feel that way today?
As the adult that I am? Why do I still not believe in myself and have fear?

And the simple answer is:
Because the beliefs and perceptions that you created as a child are created, stored and projected from the subconscious and, are running your adult life!
This is why years of talk therapy is largely ineffective, because the logical conscious mind cannot easily overcome what the subconscious has created. This is the vital information that anxiety sufferers are not told! The simple truth is that anxiety can easily be overcome when we work with the subconscious.

When very particular techniques are applied to uncover exactly which beliefs the subconscious has created and why.
With this understanding we can literally issue new instructions, just like upgrading a computer. Understanding is power

And when we truly understand what anxiety is and how it has been created, we can very easily unravel it, replace fear with self-belief and self-confidence and literally transform lives as we do. Of course, there are many levels of anxiety and often it is related to elements of trauma so the nervous system and primal fear system are also impacted, hijacked and running in overdrive.
In these circumstances I have found that the very best and most effective approach is subconscious work because the mind controls the body and when we get the mind to accept a new story/reality regarding the anxiety, it in turn feeds a different message to the body and using the subconscious we can begin to calm the autonomic fear system too.
I hope that this information gives you hope!

Yes, there is a way forward that is NOT long term medication. No, you do not have to live with your anxiety,  you have just not yet been directed to the right tools to help you.

I wrote this blog to help you understand your anxiety in a way that maybe you have not been able to before but, as a clinical hypnotherapist I specialise in trauma and, anxiety is a big part of what I help my clients overcome.

So, if anxiety is plaguing your life and you would like to know more about how I can help you overcome it, you can just reach out to me here. at my website which will tell you everything you need to know.Via my website you can join my community THE ROSE packed full of resources to help your healing journey. You can also book in for a free 30 minute call to explore your options for working with me and overcoming your anxiety. 


What you do need to know though is that I can help you overcome your anxiety and change your life!
I have already changed the lives of 00s of people just like you and I can help you too.

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