Understanding Communication is key!

No matter what we do in life we need to communicate to be heard, seen and understood. After years in sales, one of the skills I teach is effective communication and use of emotional intelligence in all communications no matter who they are with.
This skill is essential for all aspects of life, work, family, social, relationships, whoever, wherever and about whatever we need to effectively communicate our needs, wants and desires.
In return we need to listen! and the complimenting learning is “listen to listen” and not to reply! It is definitely a skill that most of us are seriously lacking but, is easily learnt if we are coachable and prepared to LISTEN and LEARN
Talking of listening and learning, my own current experience of that is below and the interesting route it is taking me on.
Luckily I am both coachable, prepared to learn and listening! or I would not be open to this at all.
My coaching business is taking an interesting and unexpected turn! The funny thing is when I first started coaching my mentor warned me that this would happen and I did not really believe him. I knew I really wanted to help people live more fulfilled and on purpose lives and I thought, for obvious reasons that my focus would be personal development and business coaching.
With all of the business experience I have it seemed that helping people start or build their businesses was my natural niche. That did not really light me up until we factored in all of the personal development I would have to teach for people to achieve those goals. helping people visualise and then create their ideal life is what I love to do.
At the recent mastermind I attended in L A, my mentor there was not convinced, it seemed that there was something missing and  he told me to prepare for another shift! There must have been something in his perception that  resonated with me because I held off launching my Facebook group, which was all ready to run.
I re ran myself through my ideal life work book, my uncover your passion workbook and two themes kept recurring: Communication and Relationships. Whilst these factored into my business and personal development work, they were elements, not key focuses and then my shift happened!
In looking at my most recent recent sessions and successes with my clients I realised, quite unexpectedly that my area of genius, my absolute zone of dialling into and dealing with their pain points was in their relationships and specifically how they communicate (or not), which causes those pain points !!!! Wow!
I discovered that I can quickly get to and address pain points in relationships and make a big and positive impact in a short space of time ( must be all that practise in my own 22 year marriage)
In addition, along with the personal development work I have been doing, I have also been studying relationships but, not with the intention of it being my main niche. I thought it was for my own interest and just to support my main topics. Relationships, who you are and how you communicate in them has a major effect on all other aspects of your life.
When I really stopped and looked at it, I have been doing more relationship work for clients than business coaching but, the relationship area was so effortless for me that I did not even realise it. It is only on reflection that I can appreciate how much of it I was doing. In all of my work there is a lot of personal development involved too.
This should not have been such a surprise because an element in my programme has always been communication, which interestingly crosses all three of these niches.
Communication in relationships seems to be my developing niche! Communication is such a broad subject it seems to cross all spectrums but relationships is where I see myself developing from here. So, look out for that slight, if not unexpected shift in emphasis!
I hope this small insight helps you be open to unexpected shifts and changes and that you will be open to them!

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